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Silsila Pyaar Ka 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kajal says plz save Sakshi, Raunak says ok I will marry u, everyone shocked to hear that, marriage rituals take place in hospital lobby in presence of Sakshi, garlands get exchanged, Sakshi looks at Akshay picture n says see papa ur wish is being fulfilled, doctor says Sakshi don’t get up,Sakshi says ok so I will stay in bed n watch the rituals, Raunak puts mangalsutra in kajals neck, Sakshi smiles, Radhika does the gatbandhan.

Janki comes out of her room, munmun wait g in mandap for Raunak, Janki starts getting tensed, she tries calling Raunak, but he doesn’t answer, Kajal n Raunak take pheres, Sakshi gets off her bed n walks to the lobby, she misses her step n shouts ma, Raunak leaves pheres n rushes to Sakshi n picks her up, Kajal n Raunak take pheres with Sakshi in raunaks arms n Sakshi holding Akshays picture in her hand, pheres get complete,Vinay takes Sakshi, Panditji asks to apply sindoor,Sanket reaches hospital.

Raunak abt to apply sindoor in kajals forehead, Sanket reaches lobby n says bhaiya but raunak applies sindoor n Panditji says u are married now, Sankets phone rings its Janki, Janki says Sanket where’s Raunak, Sanket says bhaiya married kajalji,Janki gets shocked m drops her phone, everyone in mandap looks at her confused, Kamini rushes to her n says what happened , Janki says Raunak married Kajal.kamini says what, Janki walks to munmun n pours water in Havan kund,Panditji gets shocked seeing Janki doing so.

Janki breaks down in mandap, Vidhi says didi plz don’t lose,be strong,Janki says my pride, my hope n also our relation broke, the son who was not a word against me today took such big decision without me, the son who was my life today made fun of my life, how can he do this, he knew I wasn’t happy with it but still he did so,he chose that girl before me, he was my strength but look what he did to me, my son my pride has let me down today, why did u do so son, why Raunak, Kamini this is all lie, right tell me,Sanket lied to me, my Raunak will never this to me, no no Raunak will never do this to his ma, he loves his ma the most.

Munmun starts crying, janki walks away slowly saying Raunak won’t do this, no he won’t, janki looks at munmun crying n goes to her room, Chachu says sorry to guests n asks them to leave. Janki in her room crying, Vidhi comes there with Neeti, Vidhi says didi, Janki looks at her in anger n says Vidhi ask Neeti to leave I don’t wish to see her face.

Neeti says ma plz I am sorry, Janki says Vidhi ask her to leave, Neeti leaves, Vidhi says didi let Raunak come first n tell us why did he do so, he will never go against u, Janki says he was first for me, n what did he give me today, I trusted him blindly but he proved it wrong n married that girl, Vidhi says plz didi, Janki says leave me alone, Vidhi says let Raunak come, Janki says even u all will not listen to me, Vidhi says sorry n leaves.

Radhika says Sakshi u rest now, Sakshi says thanku friend now I have a friend n a papa, Raunak says if u have called me papa, listen to me n take rest now n go to sleep, Sakshi says ok papa, first good night kiss, Raunak kisses her forehead n says gn Sakshi n leaves.


Pre cap: Sakshi calls Raunak n says papa I don’t want to stay in hospital I want to stay with u, raunak says when u will get all well I will take u n ur ma home.

Janki scolds Raunak u promised me, then why did u marry Kajal when u knew I wasn’t happy with it.

Written Update By Tanaya


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