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Silsila Pyaar Ka 4th June 2016 Written Update

The episode begins with Vinay asking his boss that whether can anyone go instead of him on business tour his boss says no to him and he tries to make Neeti comfortable with this decision. Sanjana brings Neeti breakfast and asks Vinay where was he going Neeti tells her a lie that he is going to office. But when she goes out Neeti convinces Vinay to be with her in this lie. There Sakshi is requesting Kajal that not to fight with Raunak. Hearing this she gets angry on Sakshi but immediately Raunak comes and gets angry on Kajal. sakshi gets upset with this. In vinays house to give Neeti the food which is been mixed with tablet of unconsciousness Radhika hands it over to Munshi he hands it over to Neeti. After having it she becomes unconscious. Sanjana and Radhika calls a doctor she starts the treatment of abortion but at the same time Vinay comes and stops her. And calls Ashok and Munshi and tells them to hand her to police. By the time vinay asks Sanjana and Radhika the reason for this. Sanjana tells him that she loved him so much that she decided to kill Neeti and her baby and Radhika tells I am taking the revenge of the death of my son.on the other hand Raunak and Kajal gets in their room and Raunak says sorry to her and told her to call him by his name and not sir. Here Radhika tells everyone that she was only a way how i could destroy Janki. Hearing this Sanjana get shocked and asks an apology for her sins and at that time baby kicks in neetis stomach. And on this Neeti and Vinay decides to give Sanjana a last chance.The next day morning Kajal wakes and gets ready and goes for making breakfast but Raunak stops her and they talk to each other and Kajal tells now our family is settled. Then Raunak tells her that is the reason why I need a job. In Jankis mansion Janki gets a phone call from Raunak telling her that he is happy with his family and is going to leave this city and go far away. Hearing this Janki starts crying and Harish asks her the reason she tells that Raunak is going away and I cannot leave without him. There Vidhi and Kamini bring the court papers of house and office on which if Janki signs then the whole property in their control and in joyous mood Kamini turns to bring sweets but sees Janki at door and gets shocked.

Vidhi tells Janki to sign the papers she refuses it and Vidhi tries to slap her but Raunak interrupts her by catching her hand.

Written Update by Tanaya

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