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Silsila Pyaar Ka 29th May 2016 Written Update

Kajal tries slowly taking the pillow from bua,Kajal with use of her dupatta tickles bua n exchanges the pillow, Kajal leaves room with pillow,munmun n Kamini keeping n eye on her,kajal hides the pillow in a cupboard n says tomorrow I will hand this money to Vinay n leaves,munmun n Kamini take that pillow,kajal keeping an eye on them,Kamini takes money from the pillow.

Neeti asleep, alone in the room, Sanjana walks in room with Prasad n thinks I will separate u n Vinay, N says eat these pedas n the poison will kill ur baby n u won’t even realise abt it n Sanjana leaves,Neeti sees Sanjana leave n thinks was that Sanjana who attacked me.

Kajal starts shouting thief in house,munmun n Kamini get scared n enter radhirs Room,everyone Hear kajals voice n gather in hall, Janki asks what happened, Kajal says ma I saw two shadows in hall so I started shouting,sir I think it isn’t safe, bua says my 10 lakhs, Janki says Didi quite, Kajal u must have mistaken,Kajal says no I didn’t , I saw them running that way.

Sanjana asks what happened jiju, u look tensed, let me give u some massage, Vinay says ok, Sanjana says u keep ur head on my lap,Vinay says no I’m fine,Sanjana says ok as u wish n starts massaging vinays head,Vinay says ur nails Sanjana they are hurting,Radhika walks to them n says Vinay what’s happening,Vinay says nothing n leaves, Sanjana says bcoz of Neeti I can’t spend time with Vinay.

Raunak says there’s a thief let us all search where he is hidden,bua says what shd be done,Harish says don’t worry I will find the robber. Sanjana says aunty I have to do something abt this Neeti, Sanjana opens fridge n sees pedas n asks what is this doing here n walks with it,Radhika says what new drama she is upto.

Randhir wakes up due to all noise, munmun says ma look,Kamini says oh god we are dead,Randhir asks who are u, Kamini says we are ur relatives,Randhir walks to them,Raunak says mama u call watchmen n everyone scatter here n there n look for the thief, Randhir steps on live wire n gets a shock, he shouts in pain all rush to his room.

Neeti n Vinay playing games,Sanjana walks to them n says jiju u aren’t asleep yet, Vinay says neeti helped me n all my headache is gone now, Sanjana says Didi here is Prasad for u, why didn’t u eat, Vinay says I didn’t give her bcoz pedas got nuts n she is allergic to it so,Neeti says Sanjana its late go to bed.

Raunak bangs door n says papa open door n says how come door is locked,kajal says break the door,Raunak breaks the lock,Janki says Kamini what are u doing here,bua sees pillow n says my pillow give it to me n while snatching it tears n bundle of notes fall on ground,Kajal sees Randhir on ground n rush to him,Raunak says papa what’s wrong open ur eyes, kajal says I will go call doctor.

Radhika asks Sanjana did she talk to Vinay n says Sanjana they love each other n so u have no place in their life, Sanjana says u just see Vinay will be mine, I have a plan,Janki slaps Kamini n says how dare u do this, I allowed u in my house,Kamini says but it was Raunaks money,bua says it was mine, munmun says I robbed from Kajal, Janki says u fools this was plotted by Kajal n u got trapped in it.

Janki says n Didi what will u answer Raunak how did u get so much bundles n now I have no options I will tell Raunak u robbed money n u will get more money for it,bua says how dare u I won’t do it, blame this Kamini n her daughter,Kamini says no plz , Janki says shut up u have split a lot n now u have to do as I say.

Doctor checks Randhir n his medicines. Kajal says sir papa will be fine, Raunak says God know what happened to him, he was fine I’m so worried, doctor walks to them n says ur dad went through an electric shock n This medicine I had changed it why is this wrong medicine been given so he is Reacting so wired.

Precap : Janki scolding Kamini n munmun in front of everyone,Randhir comes from behind n says today I will speak n all will be quite, n looks at janki n says it’s time to reveal the truth.

Written Update by Tanaya

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