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Silsila Pyaar Ka 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Kajal rushes to vinay and removes his sehara, all are shocked to see vinay in place of groom, grooms mother asks wheres my son,raunak sees groom(varun) and says how come u are here, varun says waiter called me and said neeti calld me here rest I don’t remember, kajal slaps vinay and says what were u abt to do, kamini says what If raunak is impressed by kajal, vinay says di listen,raunak comes and says shutup and starts hitting him,kajal tries to stop him,janki says neeti u already have let medown and now just shutup and do as I say, janki stops kajal from saving vinay,janki says this boy is behind my daughter I guess and kajal why u and ur brother are behind my daughter,vinay says aunt me and kajal love eachother, janki says my daughter will never do this tell me neeti do u know this guy and whispers to neeti if u speak truth u will see me dead here.
neeti starts crying,raunak says how dare u do this and starts slapping him,vinay says neeti why are u silent tell them, raunak don’t take her name do u want to did what akshay did 5 yrs back,kajal rushes to vinay and says enough and I know he is wrong but akshay what did he do ,raunak says kajal take ur brother and leave,kal says no today u have to answer me what did akshay do,janki says enough and stop this drama ,u and ur brother shameless people, stop torturing my family and says sorry to grooms parents and says these people are always behind my family, my neeti isn’t involved in all this, they just want to insult her, she doesn’t know this boy trust me,grooms father says we trust u ,janki says good to hear that,vidhi go get new clothes for varun he wont wear these shameless boys cloths.
Kajal walking away with vinay,vinay looks at neeti,neeti is crying,kajal takes vinay away,raunak is very angry,kamini sees raunak and signs munmun and says go take care of raunak and calm him down and impress him, munmun walks to raunak with water and says reax these people are not worth it plz calm down,janki says neeti don’t cry and don’t be scared and hugs her and says dare u take any step against my wish or else u will never see my face.
Vinay says kajal do trust me ,raunak says neeti don’t cry I will not let any one spoil ur happiness keep faith in ur brother, vinay says di neeti and I really love eachother ,kajal says I do trust u but ur step was wrong, if u had told me I would have helped me,vinays waiter friend comes and says come I will drop u home,kajal says vinay forget here at times things don’t go as we wish may be neeti has some one else in here life, neeti and varuns wedding rituals take place,neeti heavy heartedly taking pheres faints and falls,everyone rushes to neeti,neeti goes unconscious, janki says I guess neeti got scared due to all that happened I am very sorry,take neeti to her room.
Kajal and vinay in taxi,kajal says vinay may be this was the way it was to end, lets pray neeti has and happy life ahead, kamini gets doctor in neetis room,janki asks kamini to attend guests down, vindhi says thank god our neeti is safe, doctor checks neeti and says neeti is pregnant, everyone gets shocked, vidhi says doctor check again may be theres some mistake,doctor says no I am very sure she is pregnant, vidhi says what now everyone down,janki raises her hand and stops vidhi.
Kamini with munmun says what must be the reason I hope tha she must have not done an suicide attempt,munmun sas I hope she is fine,kamini says how caring is my daughter,munmun says off course mom I have no designer white dress for funerals,kamini say skeep quite come lets check whats wrong.
Neeti wakes up,raunak walks to her in anger,janki stops him,raunak says ma she should answer how did she get pregnanat,kamini enters and says what she is preganant, janki says kamini dare u utter this word again and son calm down any step in anger can lead this house to shame and vidhi take raunak away and make sure he calms down, raunak says no I will stay here,janki says ok u all stay out I need to talk to neeti in private,munmun says raunakji neeti will be fine.

Precap: neeti says to raunak I loved vinay a lot and wanted to marry him but I learnt that he want to marry me to cheat u all nd take revenge.

Written Update By Tanaya


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