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Silsila Pyaar Ka 24th April 2016 Written Update

Kamini says Janki aunty are right,she will snatch Raunak from u,Kajal knocks the door n says Kamini aunty I want to talk to ma in private,Janki says Kajal she won’t leave,Kajal says Raunak sir did this for Neeti, Neeti was upset for not participating in sangeet n to cheer her up sir did this,Janki says this is what I hate abt u, what made u give Raunak such stupid idea,this insulted me so badly,keep in mind this shdnt repeat, he is my son n then ur husband n he shd stay as he was before n not like what u teaching him n I have right over him first then u.

Vidhi enters n says Kajal everyone is waiting for u down come lets go, Vidhi takes Kajal to her room n says what was that Kajal,don’t let differences create between u n Didi, listen to what Didi says don’t extend the things, Kajal says I just put on my point, Vidhi says Kajal Didi is behind Tiwari house, she worked all alone here , have u ever heard abt raunaks dad in this house any thing abt it,Kajal says yes where is his papa,Vidhi says slowly Kajal,u aren’t allowed to talk abt raunaks papa,he once left house n from then no one talks abt it, so be careful abt it n things like this ignore it,Kajal says but sir needs to know abt his father,vidhi says end this never talk abt it in front of Raunak too come lets go.

Janki sees Raunak outside the door standing tensed, Janki walks to him,Raunak says ma,Janki says Kajal told me u did this for Neeti but u shdnt son,u shd have worked on it, Raunak says I didn’t want to bother u,Janki says u do such things in kajals advice I don’t like it n don’t u feel like sharing things with ur ma now,Raunak says sorry ma I promise I will never do such thing again,Janki says ok go in, Kamini says Janki what is this,Janki says I love Raunak a lot n he matters me most, now Kajal will be raunaks wife but I will not let her take control or right over him.

Sakshi says papa u look so cute in saree, Vidhi calls Sakshi n she leaves,Raunak says Kajal u thinking abt something,kajal says nothing,Raunak says Kajal we are gonna be one now so cmon tell me,Kajal says I was talking to Chachi n so wanted to ask ur papa won’t attend our wedding,plz tell me,raunak says never speak abt him I don’t care he is alive or dead,he troubled my ma a lot I have seen him troture her, Kajal says sir why so hatred may be he is changed or realised his mistake,raunak says he can only do bad that’s it,never talk abt it plz,Vidhi n Kamini hear this conversation n get happy,Vidhi knocks door n says now till wedding u are staying with me Kajal come n takes her along with her.

Vidhi in her room,Kajal i hope u didn’t talk to Raunak abt his papa,Kajal says yes I did he got very upset abt it, Kamini says Janki some arrangements discussion are to be done,Janki says talk to Vidhi,Vidhi says Kajal I told u not to do so,Kajal says sirs father also may be wishing abt taking part in sirs wedding, Janki n Kamini come to vidhis room,n hear Kajal say I just wanted to know why raunak sirs father isn’t allowed in our house,Janki says Vidhi Kamini leave .

Raunak angry abt Kajal asking abt her dad n exercising in anger,Janki says Kajal I warned u not to deal with things not allowed in this house,Kajal says ma I didn’t want to hurt anyone just wanted to know abt sirs dad,janki says just worry abt ur rights now,Janki says u hurt Raunak by asking abt his dad, want to know come with me,Kamini n Vidhi keeping an eye on them,Janki shows Kajal how upset n hurt Raunak is, Janki in tears seeing Raunak in tears,Janki takes Kajal along with her n says I fought with whole world for raunaks happiness n Id this repeats I won’t spare u.

Kajal says ma I just want to know the reason,munmun n Kamini come there, Janki shouts enough Kajal, that man isn’t allowed in this house,everyone gathers there,Kajal says but I,Raunak says Kajal enough of it,learn to listen to ma,stop asking these meaningless questions.

Harish in jankis room says Didi how did Kajal get to know abt all this,Janki says right now what worries if she reaches to that secret,Harish says don’t worry I will not let this happen.

Kamini eating sweets,munmun says mom I wanted to marry Raunak but see what happened,Raunak hears this, Kamini sees Raunak n starts singing song n signs munmun see Raunak,Raunak asks Vidhi where’s ma,Vidhi says she went to neetis place n said she will get her too,Raunak says ma always looks after my happiness.

Kajal tries to talk to Raunak but he says later n ignores her.

Precap : Radhika to Janki, u forcefully made Akshay marry Kajal but look at destiny the girl u hate the most is gonna marry ur son now.

Written Update by Tanaya

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