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Silsila Pyaar Ka 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Raunak holds his hand over diya n says take my life but save my friend, everyone near akshay praying for his life, akshay slowly starts moving his hand, janki sees raunak with his hand over diya, akshay opens his eyes, munshi says akshay u trying to say something, akshay says anyone dead, radhika says no akshay calm down, akshay says ma nothing will happen to me, stop crying, there’s lot of work I need to finish first, n raunak didn’t forgive me yet, munshi says akshay u calm down nothing will happen, akshay says kajal sakshi, ashok says she is fine,she is resting, akshay says call raunak.
Janki says raunak top troubling urself, raunak says ma this is all my fault, janki says no raunak its all god who decides, we just have to pray we cant change the fate, chachu comes there n says raunak akshay gained conscious he called u n wants to meet kajal n sakshi, akshay keeps asking for kajal n sakshi, vinay says I will get them, janki walks into akshays room along with kamini n seats beside akshay n says akshay forget the past look ur stubbornness has cost us this day, akshay turns his head other side, janki whispers dare u bring the truth back n then says akshay all will be fine, relax, calm down, when u will be good all will be good, look at ur mother, she is so tensed n worried for u n says radhika I will go thank god for saving akshays life n akshay u rest n don’t speak take rest n leaves with kamini.
Raunak goes to kajals room n says see kajal akshay is dead n now u are free, vinay comes there n shocked to see raunak speaking such ill things, raunak says kajal u know I still love u,vinay gets angry,doctors near raunak n kajal, doc says this may work continue, raunak says akshay snatched u from me but today is my day, all thought this is an accident but I did this to get u back in my life, vinay shouts raunak how dare u talk to my sister, how dare u, raunak says what u did to my sister wasn’t fair to get away u, n kajal see I got sindoor,n now I will put this, chachu comes n says raunak akshay is no more, vinay says thats not possible n rushes to akshays room, chachu stops him n says vinay calm down this is all an act to get kajal back to life, vinay says sorry, chachu says no issues come lets go to kajals room.
Raunak abt to apply sindoor in kajals fore head n says kajal this the moment, u were mine n now will be mine forever, raunak hoping kajal wakes up, kajal holds raunaks hand, n wakes up n pushes raunak away n gets off her bed n says u killed akshay, doc sign raunak to keep quite, kajal says sir u ruined my whole life, why did u do this, what bad we had done to u, u may love me but I love akshay n will always love, whatever may be the past truth but I had forgiven him because he loved me but u, u thought just for urself, ur thoughts are so dirty n I am ashamed that I respected u, u snatched my happiness from u n slaps raunak,u did this because u wanted to me win me, for this u ruined everything, raunak walks to kajal, n says kajal akshay is alive, kajal stops crying, vinay says yes he is alive, doctor says we are sorry but u were in shock n this was so that u respond, vinay says sorry raunak bhai, raunak says its fine, nurse comes n says akshays health is deteorating he wants to see kajal.
Kajal rushing to akshay see sakhsi on stretcher n aks what happened to her, sakshi say something, raunak says kajal, sakshi is in shock too, she saw akshay falling, kajal gets scared n abt to callapse, raunak holds her n says kajal don’t let this happen akshay needs u now.
Raunak gets kajal in akshays room, janki sees raunak holding kajal, kajal walks to akshay sits beside him, akshay says kajal, raunak looks at akshay n walks out, akshay says u will always keep me waiting kajal, n where is sakshi, raunak asks nurse how is sakshi can u plz get here, kajal says sakshi is fine, sakshi is brought in on stretcher, akshay asks what happened to her,kajal says she saw accident n so scared but she will be fine, akshay says wheres raunak, kajal says he is waiting out, akshay says call him in I need to talk to him.

Precap; akshay holding kajal n raunaks hand together n says she is my happiness my world, she is ur responsibility now.

Written Update By Tanaya


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