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Silsila Pyaar Ka 16th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka

Janki takes akshay out, haldi ceremony begins at akshay as well as kajals place,akshay is very upset,kajal gives him a call, janki doesn’t allow akshay to receive call, kajal thinks why hasn’t akshay called me looks like he didn’t like me tearing his letter , I will talk to him n dissolve all differences, janki applies haldi to akshay, akshay looks at him helplessly.
Kajal gets ready for wedding, akshay also gets dressed, he is very upset janki calls chachi, janki says vidhi I am sending a parcel n give him after 6 hrs n keep in mind he shdnt get it before that, vidhi says ok, she receives the parcel n keeps it in drawer n leaves, raunak comes there searching for file n sees the parcel n his name on it n so opens it n finds the torn letter n kajal n akshays engagement pics n gets shocked, raunak is surprised to see akshays name on that letter n goes in tears n thinks abt akshay n kajal n gets angry n calls janki.
Janki gets surprised n picks his call, raunak says ma akshay got engaged n no one told me not even u, janki says oh son, yes he got engaged n he is marrying kajal n he has been in love with her past two years m he told me when u left n actually I wanted kajal for u but since akshay told me I couldn’t say no n I told akshay to wait for u but he said I want to surprise raunak n akshay proposed kajal with love letter, janki says why are u quite, raunak starts crying n says because I love kajal ma, akshay wrote his name on my letter , it was always me ma, janki says oh god what are u saying, raunak asks when is wedding, janki says now , n what will u do now u shd have told me, raunak says ma kajal rejected akshay n not me she has no idea that I love her n ma u have to stop this wedding till I come I am leaving right away, plz ma do this for me.janki keeps the call n says sorry son I will not finish this wish of urs n its for ur good.
Janki calls vidhi n says how dare u give that parcel cant u do one single work,vidhi says no didi I didn’t, janki says u are a treytor n now if u want it to be all good keep him busy n stop him from coming here, vidhi says ok, janki very angry, raunak abt to leave, vidhi acts as if she has hurted her leg n says chachi sit shamu kaka call doctor n chachi I have to leave .
Janki tells kamini abt raunak coming, kamini says now what will u do cancel wedding, janki says no ways the wedding will not take after 6hrs but right now, kajal calls akshay, akshays phone is with janki she picks it up n asks kajal what is it, n says u look so excited to talk to akshay call after some time.
Vinay walks to kajal upset, kajal asks what is it, vinay says didi don’t get married plz don’t leave me n go. Kajal says I am not moving to next planet n now whole room will be urs cmon smile go n get ready my brother shd look handsome.
Janki goes to akshay n gives munshi n radhika work n they leave, radhika says akshay janki devi is so excited for ur wedding n not allow us miss raunak, janki says what to do he has to stay with his mama n now u two go I will stay with akshay, akshay says now what u want, janki calls kajal, kajal says yes akshay, janki says its me n have patience ur dying to talk to akshay wait n puts phone on speaker.

Precap: raunak calls janki says ma I reached Bhopal just some more time don’t let wedding take place.
Akshay says to himself, good raunak is coming now I have to take time n delay the wedding.
Raunak rushing to mandap n akshay kajal taking pheres.

Written Update By Tanaya


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