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Silsila Pyaar Ka 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka

Raunak goes home n is heart broken by kajals behavior, chahu stops him n says we need to go dehradhun mamaji met with an accident we need to leave urgently,raunak says ok but where is ma,chachi says she is out n will reach when she is finished with her work, raunak says ok let me call ma, janki on call says raunak ur siblings are alone go take care, raunak says ok ma n I have to share one thing, janki says raunak I cant hear u we will talk later.
Kamini n janki in police station, kamini says good move u got them in police station but this head here is very loyal how will u bribe him, janki says every man has his weekness n now see how I play my next move, munshi says ashok calm down janko devi has taken charge she will speak to inspector n all will be fine. Kamini says janki u are genious but u made me a beggar to keep an eye that was bad n tells janki the whole scene, kamini says all went well but our poor son he is very upset,janki says I know n he will get over it but kajal in his life not accepted, kamini says raunak is out n akshay kajal here wow, janki says its not good ending yet n I will make sure I give her every pain back she gave to my son n now I will turn this situation in such a mess that kajal n akshay will have to get married.
Ashok n munshi ask janki whats the status, janki says I tried everything , a lot but these people aren’t listening n asking what these two where doing there n questioning their character n so I had to say kajal n akshay are engaged but now they want proof , ashok says how will we do that, janki says now we have to do something after kods have their whole life ahead, kamini says why did these two go park now we have to do something, I see no way, janki says I do how abt we exchange rings here,I know this is not right situation but this is only way we can save kids, kamini says yes ashokji go talk to kajal, munshi says I will talk to akshay as well, janki says now akshay needs a mother now I will go talk to him n ashokji if u don’t find this right no issue but after inspector comes he will point kajals character for sure.ashok says ok I will talk to kajal n leaves.
Kajal in jail hears two girls crying over situation, ashok walks to her , kajal is in tears, ashok is insulted by an lady inspector questioning kajals character, ashok walks to kajal, kajal says papa I did no wrong, ashok says kajal I know u will never do anything wrong. Janki reads akshay a news reading suicide due to questioning character, janki says this could be kajal too akshay n so would u like a dead kajal or alive , akshay says aunty raunak loves kajal a lot, janki says n my love is raunak n u will get used to kajal n so take it a advise n get ready,akshay says aunty I beg u plz,janki says kajal deserves better one but is gonna get u n raunak n kajal this will happen never n if u disagree I will put ur video on internet n will edit it so decide quickly.
Janki says kamini quickly get rings n clothes for akshay n kajal go, kamini says u are getting over confident, janki says don’t worry this time I have left no window n kajal will have to say yes she cant get out of my trap. Kajal says papa I didn’t know that akshay came to propose me, ashok says kajal munshi n janki devi where home with marriage proposal n so tell me do u like akshay.

Precap: raunak meets with an accident .
Janki asks kajal is she ready to get engaged.

Written Update By Tanaya


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