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Silsila Pyaar Ka 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka

janki says akshay u have to stop kajal, if she tells raunak the truth then, akshay says then what i dont care and u know its good u are getting trapped, kamini says akshay even u wont be spared, janki says yes akshay ,raunak still has tht letter framed and still loves kajal and may be after this truth comes out u will lose ur daughter and ur wife, and now if u want ur family to be with u, u have to stop kajal.
raunak trying to cheer sakshi, but sakshi not ready to listen and missing kajal, vidhi gets food for sakshi, radhika thanks her, vidhi says dont u worry its fine, radhika says sakshi cmon have food, sakshi says no i miss ma, vidhi and raunak see sakshis medicine and ask why does she have to eat so many tablets, radhika says sakshi was born at 8th month and so has health problems, raunak gestures radhika that he will handle and says sakshi we have to find ur ma and so u need strength so eat ur food and medicine, sakshi says no ma first, raunak says cmon sakshi we are friends now right u will listen right, and shows a magic trick to sakshi and gives her food and medicine.
sakshi says now i finished everything, radhika says thats nice today sakshi ate everything without any drama, janki and kamini come home, janki sees raunak and sakshi togther and having fun, kamini says look this kajals daughter is also behind raunka and raunak is behind her like sakshi is his daughter, janki says right now i am worried abt the truth i hope akshay stops kajal.
akshay tries calling kajal but kajal doesnt answer his calls, kajal in temple. janki says sorry i am late, let me freshen up and then we shall talk and wheres kajal, radhika says she shd be back by now. sakshi and raunak in car, sakshi says thanku for helping me find my ma, raunak tries calling kajal too, and thinks she isnt in market nor receving calls .where must be she, sakshi says may be temple, she goes temple to pray before imp days, raunak says ok lets go check there, akshay sees temple on his way and says let me check here may be kajal is here.
sakshi, raunak and akshay reach temple and come in front of eachother, sakshi rushes to akshay, sakshi sees kajal and calls her, kajal hears her voice and turns around and seeing raunak akshay and sakshi togther gets surprised and walks to them, kajal has the truth going around in her mind, sakshi goes to kajal and hugs her, akshay walks to kajal and gives her bracelete, kajal takes it, sakshi says see friend i knew ma will be here, and ma did good help u shd i ask him to help u, kajal says no god helped me now its my time to take steps.
raunak says all are waiting for us, sakshi says friend meet my papa, raunak says sakshi i know ur papa, sakshi says really u two are best friends, akshay and raunak look at eachother, kajal says sakshi we shd leave now or else we will be late, akshay drops sakshi and kajal, sakshi gets off the car and goes in, akshay and kajal get down, raunak comes from behind in his car, and says kajal come lets go, and says i had made clear akshay wouldnt be part of this wedding, kajal says yes i remember, akshay u stay here.
akshay has jankis threats in his mind that he will lose sakshi and kajal, akshay sits in his car,he looks at his kajal and sakshis pic and gets emotional. panditji checks both kundlis, sakshi rushes in to radhika and says dadi i met ma and papa both,kamini says janki this means kajal and raunak are togther i hope she has kept truth to herself oh look they both are walking in togther, janki looks at them and is tensed and scared too and says kajal dear where were u, panditji says kundlis match very well and dates are availble too, kajal says before panditji annonces dates i would like to talk to raunak sir, kamini says oh no looks like she is gonna tell the truth and i hope i dont get caught in this fraud, raunak asks kajal what is it.

precap: kajal says janki aunty this wadrobe u showed me 5 yrs back for raunak sirs wife but u still didnt find one to wear it and will never get one, because u have filled love in his life with hatred, janki says enough, kajal says right aunty enough its time to turn all the negativity into positivity. 

Written Update By Tanaya


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