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Silsila Pyaar Ka 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Janki says munmun next time I won’t share u, Kamini says don’t watery she won’t I will talk to her,Janki leaves, Kamini says munmun what are u upto, munmun says this lady I tell u she is a hitler, Raunak sees Neeti in tears n upset n asks her what is it, Neeti says all is fine I am just tried, Raunak says but why are u crying, Neeti says bhaiya, Vinay called n he said he won’t marry me, Janki waking to neetis room, Raunak says Neeti relax,I will handle, Neeti says if ma, Raunak says don’t get tensed n don’t tell ma,I will handle this, Janki enters, Raunak says ma, Janki says so u hide things too, Raunak says ma actually, Janki says wow look at my kids they are so grown up they don’t need their ma anymore,Neeti hugs Janki n starts crying, Janki says I told u, Vinay said no right, u made a big mistake n this is ur punishment, that Vinay doesn’t deserve u.

Vinay gets a call from Raunak, he gets angry n doesn’t receive it, Vinay in front of Akshays pic n says enough jiju no relation with these people anymore, Kajal comes there, she picks raunaks call n says yes, Raunak says where’s Vinay n how dare he say this to Vinay, Kajal says sir calm down I will talk to him, Raunak says no I will talk by myself n remember I married u just for Sakshi n I still remember how u insulted my mother so just be quite n give call to Vinay, Kajal says ok.

Kajal walks to Vinay n says Raunak sir wants to talk to u, Vinay says i wish to Talk to no one from that family, Kajal says plz Vinay for sake of ur jiju, Vinay looks at Akshays pic, Kajal says plz for ur jiju do this, don’t do this to Neeti, talk to Raunak sir, Vinay takes the call, Raunak says Vinay what’s wrong why are u so angry n what is that worrying u, Vinay says actually I was tensed for Sakshi n since Neeti wasn’t here I got angry, Raunak says I understand ur pint but sort things n don’t fight. Vinay says this won’t happen again, Raunak says good give to Kajal, Kajal says yes sir, Raunak says I will be coming in evening take care of Sakshi, Kajal says sure.

Raunak says what Neeti, Vinay was just tensed, u two are just like kids n leaves, Janki says get used to these, Vinay will keep giving u such pains again n again, anyways I can’t do anything abt u n Vinay and God knows why God has done this to both my kids.

Kajal walks to Vinay, Vinay tensed n sitting alone, Kajal says I k who u are very worried but look Akshay will never go away from us n I am not alone, I have Sakshi, she is my strength n never do this to Neeti,why hurt her, Vinay says but Janki aunty she is behind all our pain, Kajal says I know that but it was Janki aunty bcoz of whose I had Akshay in my life, n Raunak sir he has been so helpful so let’s keep the past where is was n Raunak sir he can’t see his ma in pain n why give pain to those who are trying to share happiness n so let’s get to a new beginning.

Sakshi asks ma when will papa come, Kajal says take medicines papa will come, Raunak says yes papa will come n gang to with lot of gifts, Sakshi says who said this, Raunak behind door says its papa hello, Sakshi says yes papa, Raunak says look I got so many gifts for my princess, first take medicines cmon n the story time, Sakshi scents good cheerful time with Raunak. Radhika Munshi Ashok join them.

Sakshi goes off to sleep, Raunak sleepy too, Kajal gets coffee for him, Raunak ignores her, Kajal feels bad n keeps the coffee on table. Janki very worried abt Raunak, munmun n Kamini busy planning their next game plan.

After two weeks, Kamini n munmun trying to steal contract from jankis locker, Kamini says quick if Janki sees us we will be dead, munmun says look I found keys lets steal tract then no problem at all, Janki comes from behind, munmun n Kamini gets shocked, munmun says aunty I found keys so thought of keeping in cupboard, Janki takes keys n says these are not just keys but this house responsibility, these where mine n always will be, no one ever tried to touch them n everyone he knows that how well I look after them n so next time no touching any of my stuff without my permission, Janki says Raunak is here with Kajal n Sakshi, munmun says no worries aunty I, Janki says u don’t worry I already have all my ways planned properly.


Precap: Raunak Kajal n Sakshi, abt to enter, Sakshi says ma wait, papa why isn’t dadi doing the graha Pravesh ritual.

Written Update By Tanaya


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