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Silsila Pyaar Ka 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka

Raunak stops car near akshay, akshay sas raunak how are u bro, kajal wakes up and goes to sakshis room and looks for akshay, radhika asks whats wrong,kajal says I am looking for akshay I will go see out, raunak says don’t call me bro, whats wrong with u, u already have done bad to me now behind neeti,akshay says raunak I got nothing to do with this, raunak says shutup tell me why are u playing these games,akshay says raunak u are taking things wrong,raunak says I will tell whats wrong and right and calls vinay, akshay says raunak calm down, police come there, raunak says vinay stays here inspector go arrest him for harassing my sister, akshay says raunak listen wait,inspector knocks door,kajal sees raunal from window and says ma raunak sir is down I will go check, police arrest vinay , akshay tries to stop,inspector says sir it’s a serious matter plz let us do our own work, akshay says raunak vinay really loves neeti,raunak says u liar I don’t trust u and this vinay will be arrested, because of him my ma was insulted in front of everyone and this was all ur plan.
Radhika sees raunak and calls him in,raunak ignores her,radhika says u called me ur second mother and u ignoring me and what happened that u two have separated,raunak says akshay has all ur answers and now I am here only for vinay who cheated my sister,neeti is pregnant,vinay says what.
Neeti says to janki, ma I don’t want to abort my child, janki says neeti u have no idea what mess u have done,neeti starts crying,janki says u consider vinay more important than me,who is brother of that kajal,whose husband cheated ur brother and neeti mind my words if raunak gets hurt I don’t know what I may do with u.
Vinay says raunak I love neeti,raunak slaps him and says quite,akshay tries to stop,raunak says stay away akshay, vinay says bhaiya trust me I love neeti, raunak slaps again,kajal and akshay come in between and stop raunak.kajal says raunak sir calm down, neeti and vinay love eachother and vinay isn’t cheating on her, and if they marry ,differences between these two families will be resolved because no one know whats the matter.
Raunak says ask akshay he is the reason behind all this,akshay has jankis warnings on his mind, kajal says raunak sir akshay wont utter a word and now I cant stay alive with this secret and may be the truth will resolve everything so plz raunak sir tell me wha happened,I want u to answer sir plz sir,raunak says 5 yrs back what happened, I am not here for that, and abt that incident I can never forgive akshay for that,kajal says what is it,raunak says sorry kajal u have to wait for akshay to confess and inspector plz arrest him I will reach the police station soon.
Kajal looks at akshay in anger and says u took too long to tell the truth,what ever may be the truth why is my brother suffering,akshay looks at her and leaves,radhika says kajal come lets go in,kajal is thinking abt raunaks words that he will wait for akshay to tell the truth and jankis words that kajal was there at wedding to spoil neetis life and take revenge, kajal says ma why did neeti deny at lst moment, and what happened 5 yrs back, iits affecting everyones life slowly, ma I am going Bhopal and I have to find out the truth I cant wait any more.

Precap: munmun and kamini forcefully hold neeti to bed and doctor forces medicine in neetis mouth,neeti resisting them all, door bell rings,janki in tears says I will go check who it is u make sure she eats this medicine.  

Written Update By Tanaya


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