Sid to expose Mitul and Ranjit in Jamai Raja!

The viewers' preferred couple, Sid (Ravi Dubey) and Roshni have been the central attraction of your demonstrate Using the two eager to see each other satisfied, specially Sid.


The display presently concentrates on Roshni’s (Nia Sharma) lifetime exactly where she’s managing her spouse Neil’s (Indraneil Sengupta) bipolar condition and here as well, all Sid wishes is to check out her lady enjoy delighted. He hence sacrifices his like and ideas to mend the relationship involving Roshni and Neil.

But in the middle of time, Roshni receives kidnapped and the goons get her thumb effect on some significant lawful paperwork. The episodes in advance will get all the greater tough and exciting with Sid taking an initiative to find out the chief folks guiding this crime.

Everyone knows that Mitul and Ranjit are definitely the persons at the rear of the kidnapping and as the keep track of progresses through a great deal of highs and lows, Sid will last but not least expose the duo by justifying that Mitul and Ranjit function underneath a prison and get their concessions out of such occasions.

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