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Shastri Sisters 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode commences with Neil, Devyaani, Minty and Sareen coming into the farmhouse. Minty thanks Guggal for coming. Guggal asks wherever could be the evidence, she received’t care of its against Kajal or them. Sareen argues and states That is last probability for you to provide you with have capacity to differentiate between proper and Erroneous. He suggests she doesn’t have evidence versus Incorrect people today and suggests Anu will discover proof and confirm They may be harmless. He takes her excellent class and states she is going to confirm that no one can idiot law enforcement. Kajal aims gun at Anu and they are on the way in which. Anu panics. She gets a phone and Kajal can take her cellular phone. Anu asks what exactly is she doing. Kajal throws her cellphone out. She claims telephone just isn’t essential now, as she will probably die. Rajat phone calls Minty and asks in which is she. Minty claims we’ve been at farmhouse, Neil will concept the deal with.

Rajat asks wherever is she, is she in any danger. Minty anxieties. Anu asks why is Kajal aiming gun when they’re going farmhouse. Kajal suggests we’re not going farmhouse, don’t get scared, don’t be intelligent. Anu suggests her family members will never depart him. Kajal suggests no one can capture her, and Anu might be likely and finding in significant hassle. Anu asks what is going to she get carrying out this. Kajal suggests pleasure, as I understood your program. Anu asks what strategy. Kajal says I have read your and Minty’s converse, and scolds her. Minty and everybody be concerned for Anu.

Guggal asks are they passing time with her, have they got any proof or not. Anu drives and asks Kajal for h2o, the place will she run. Kajal looks for h2o bottle. Anu throws her dupatta in the window. She thinks if another person sees my dupatta, they’re able to uncover me, I m emotion fearful and I am able to fight if I see any loved a single. Devyaani suggests her phone is change off. Minty suggests is this not Kajal’s system, did she alter it. Sareen says he will never agree to Anu, I advised her to not go alone.

Minty suggests if Kajal do anything to Anu and phone calls her. Kajal requires the call and suggests Minty didn’t do right, she is harm by this. Minty will get shocked. Kajal claims Anu will bear for this now. Minty says hear me Kajal. Anu asks what was she telling Minty. Kajal says she cares for relatives, they might be nervous when they listened to you shouting. Anu says she’s not undertaking this appropriate. Sareen asks Minty what took place. Minty claims Kajal will do anything at all to Anu, she said she is going to punish Anu for my sins. Rajat comes and asks what took place. Minty claims Kajal will do just about anything to Anu, conserve Anu, I will never request any favor. Sareen tells Kajal took Anu someplace.

Guggal claims they will occur along with them, by two routes and catch Kajal. She asks Minty not to worry, and guarantees if Kajal is Mistaken, she will not depart Kajal. They all hurry and depart. Kajal is having Anu for the cliff. Minty, Rajat and everybody is on the way in which finding Anu. Guggal is with Sareen and Neil. Minty claims she will not consider Kajal. Devyaani prays for Anu.

Sareen calls Kajal. Anu hits the car to your tree and gets damage. Kajal as well receives hurt. Anu operates from the motor vehicle. Kajal shouts Anushka and aims gun at her. Kajal shoots and Anu runs from there. She reaches the tip of your cliff and stops remaining worn out. Kajal will come there and catches her. Anu appears to be like at her tensed as Kajal aims gun at her.

Rajat will come and sees Kajal aiming gun at Anu. Kajal pushes Anu down the cliff. Rajat shouts Anu and operates to her. Saajna……..plays….. He tries Keeping her hand and her hand slips. Anu falls down the cliff, stunning Rajat.

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