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Shastri Sisters 12th June 2015 Written Update By Tabish

Shastri Sisters 12th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sareen welcoming Rajat. Neil says thank God you came back, there is nothing like before now, mum is not well, she is much hurt by all this, she does not show, I wish everything gets fine like before. Rajat says don’t worry, that’s why I came. Neil asks what. Rajat says nothing, get a glass of water. Neil leaves. Rajat promises to make everything fine. Kajal talks to Leela and argues about Minty, and says how can she let Rajat come back, this is kalyug, and how did Rajat leave Anu and came here. She doubts that Rajat has come for some motives and worries.

Anu talks to Rajat and asks him to sleep, he has many works tomorrow. He says he has a problem, he does not have habit to sleep alone, and asks her to come. She says she can’t come, but she will scold him now. He says fine, good night. She smiles and ends the call. Devyaani talks to Anu and says her birthday is coming, tension will go if we don’t care for it. Anu says so many problems are going on, and how can I celebrate my birthday. Devyaani says they will solve all the problems and convinces Anu. Anu says I can’t promise, I will think once, you have to go office in morning, sleep now. Devyaani teases her about Rajat.

Its morning, a lady asks Devyaani to find an assistant for herself soon. Devyaani recalls Alka’s words about Neil. She thinks of Alka’s advice and calls Neil. Devyaani talks to him and asks him if he can join her company, they need people, her condition is he has to join soon. Neil smiles and says he wanted this job, he will come. Kajal hears him. Neil leaves. Minty calls Kajal and she leaves making faces. Minty asks Kajal to get the ration and Kajal thinks she is so lazy, she will see him. She says she will massage her head. Minty says no need, I will be fine in some time. Rajat looks on and asks Kajal is she going out, bring my shaving gel. Kajal thinks all of them are lazy, and agrees to him.

She goes to market and Minty goes to her room. Rajat goes to Neil’s room and fixes a recorder/voice device there. Leela comes there and does not see Rajat, as he hides down the bed. She leaves and Rajat comes outside. Vrinda asks Alka to make Rohan apologize to Astha, he can’t prove his innocent, he will be worried. Alka says we don’t have any way, even I don’t want him to be troubled. Vrinda asks her not to be smart, ask Rohan to apologize, see what happened, you ruined your house being clever. Alka asks what did I do, tell me.

Vrinda says your mistake is that you could not manage your home, if you gave time to home and husband, this would have not happened, you were not with Rohan and Astha did this trick, you were on your job and away from Rohan. Alka asks does she think its her mistake. Vrinda says yes. She says the same thing again, to make Rohan apologize. Alka cries.

Rajat tells Anu that there is no activity in her room, I have placed cordless audio capturing device in her room. Anu calls him smart. He says audio signal is coming, I think she came in her room, I will talk later. He hears Kajal and Leela talking. Kajal says Rajat is liar, the gel was found at a far shop, I m tired. Leela says its fine, I will get juice for you with ice. Kajal thanks her. Rajat says talk something of my use, there is no proper info, Kajal is very clever.

Devyaani tells Neil that he has to work as her assistant, does he has ego issues. Neil says no. She says his work. He says we used to do this work before. She says yes, but this is on big scale. He says he will work well. She says fine, get working. Neil thanks her for giving him a chance, he will not let her down. He asks him to call her Mam, and not be casual. He says okay mam. She says you are just co worker for me, I think it will be better if I m just a senior for you. Neil says yes and gets sad. Rajat tries to hear Kajal. He goes to drink water and removes the headphone. He hears the call coming and hears it. Kajal gets Ajay’s call and talks to him. Rajat says who is this Ajay.

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