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Shashtri Sisters 15th June 2015 Written Episode

This Show will begin along with Alka remembering Vrinda’s terms. Anu and also Devyaani employ a talk. Devyaani and also Peeya help to make balloons. Anu states that she is an excellent 12 calendar year older child. Devyaani states that you are twenty-two yr but nevertheless 12 for people. Many people recollect the child years. Alka becomes depressing and also states that the lady can’t forget the difficulties. Your lover would like hard difficulties failed to appear in life. Anu questions your ex to consider of which every thing is same and also attempt to relive the older occasion. They all laugh. Alka states that we may rejoice your ex wedding as if Anu is 12 calendar year older, we is likely to make noodles and also chutney and also decorate your house. Devyaani states that I’ve got obtained high-priced meal and also food intended for company, shipping child should come.

Kajal smiles experiencing thier food parcel and also meal and also states that oh thus the gathering, I most certainly will discover just what gift is Anu acquiring, I am able to learn had been Rajat undertaking dilemma or certainly not, if he would like Anu, next it indicates he or she is resting here. Sareen and also Minty employ a mention Anu’s wedding and also Kajal claimed there is a gathering, We thought she could be depressing. Sareen states that Anu’s wedding is another day. Kajal states that yet she could cut meal from 12am. Sareen states that just what took place for you to your ex, the lady utilized to consider tension intended for small things and from now on the lady changed.

They states that the very good opportunity to stop spats. Minty states that zero have to have, the very good Rajat offers are available and also We m certain he will certainly not move. Rajat states that he might his / her friend’s household, he will be overdue. Kajal questions Minty is he likely to his / her pal or elsewhere. Minty prevents Rajat and also questions him or her to never move. Rajat states that I most certainly will certainly not move, zero pal if the lady states that, and also he will support your ex to make custard. Minty becomes pleased and also smiles. Rajat states that I most certainly will telephone Neil. Kajal becomes puzzled. Anu’s party will begin and also company are available. Anu foretells Shastri ji and also he would like your ex.

Your lover questions him or her to come. They states that he or she is jammed throughout perform, and may are available soon. Your lover ends telephone and also waits intended for Rajat. Rajat has been Minty from the cooking area doing custard and also your ex hands becomes harm. Neil and also Minty maintain your ex cut. Rajat questions your ex to never cut many fruits currently and also consider sleep. Your lover states that I most certainly will just endure here and pay attention to. They states that good, I most certainly will cut many fruits, just discover. They perceives some time. Neil perceives Rajat tensed.

Anu becomes depressing and also Alka pacifies your ex, declaring they are able to always rejoice wedding with each other any time things acquire good. Anu cuts the meal and also Rajat arrives with the proper occasion. Anu smiles experiencing him or her keep your ex hands and so they cut the meal with each other. Rajat states that she has are available because he isn’t going to wish to be outdone upward by his / her wife, We m sorry, We had been jammed, somebody served me. They recalls precisely how Neil offers served him or her. FACEBOOK OR TWITTER shows Neil declaring there is no custard powdered, I most certainly will understand coming from Mehta big brother. They questions Rajat to bring the idea, because Mehta big brother isn’t going to including him or her.

Kajal states that Rajat can have attended Anu, I most certainly will press photo and also indicate for you to every person of which Rajat really does dilemma. Everybody show up on the track Abhi for you to gathering shuru hui. Devyaani perceives Kajal shopping on and also taunts your ex. Anu satisfies Kajal and also states that she could acquire come back gift throughout few days. Kajal works sweet and also states that she could move. Your lover results in. Your lover comes home and also perceives Rajat along with Minty. Neil questions where would the lady move, he had been tensed, have custard, momma made it. Devyaani arrives and also gives the meal for them. Neil smiles experiencing your ex. Devyaani states that guests located people therefore i got it for her. Minty questions which. Devyaani states that Kajal located people. Rajat and also Neil laugh. Minty becomes stunned.

Rajat shows a tracking device to Neil and they plan to catch Kajal red handed.


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