Shani 9th November 2016 Written Update

Shani 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shani 9th November 2016 Written Update

Chhaya names her son Shani.

Indra Dev wants to know which power is that. I couldn’t move his weapon. Why? Guru Shukracharya says it is of the one who will do justice. It is clear that justice will be on our side because of all your cruelties done to us till dat. Indra Dev asks him why he thinks so. Guru Shukracharya tells him to wait to find out. He tries to lift the weapon too but fails. Indra Dev smiles. Only Gods have the powe to do justice as they are powerful. Weak have no right to power. Guru shukracharya asks him if he is challenging them. Indra Dev replies that he is mocking him instead. You could never win any war from us nor could you lift this weapon. Guru Shukracharya challenges him for a fight. Indra Dev readily agrees. Surya Dev interrupts them. Wait for the power which Mahadev spoke of. When you cannot decide what’s just and unjust then why do you fight. Who are we to challenge Mahadev when he left that task on someone else? It will be good to let that person do his responsibilities. We should focus on our own duties till then. He leaves from there. Indra Dev is curious to know where that power is who was sent by Mahadev against him.

Chhaya makes a bed of flowers for her on. She looks at her son and thinks of Devi Sandhya’s words. I brought you here thanks to Mahadev but I will have to leave now. She hugs her son teary eyed. She begins to walk away with a heavy heart but stops. She lifts her son in her arms once again. I cannot leave my son alone like this. I will do something. I have to keep my son away from his father but I cannot separate you from me.

Surya Dev keeps thinking of what had happened earlier (eclipse). He touches his wound and is really upset. Chhaya comes in just then. He asks her if she left her son far away. She asks him if he does not wish to know where she left him. Surya Dev declines. Don’t even try to tell me. I want to forget that baby like a bad dream. She feeds water to Yam and Yamni. Surya Dev points out that a mother is happy when she is feeding her kids. Tears stream down her face. I am satisfied to be near my 2 kids but the pain of being away from my one son shows in my eyes. Please don’t be angry now. Will you punish your own son? I left him alone as per your orders but how can a flower survive after being pulled away from its root? Can we bring him here if you will allow. He warns her not to say it again. I feel pained as soon as I even think about him. a wife shouldn’t do anything which hurts her husband. She reasons that she is a mother. I have some responsibilities towards my son too. it hurts me to stay away from my son. Are you in pain? He is as much your part as much as he is mine. Surya Dev looks angrily at him. He isn’t my son! I don’t want to keep any relations with him. He walks away. She cries thinking of Shani.

Surya Dev paces in his room. Chhaya comes to tell him food is ready. He stops her. I cannot get over my anger but Yam and Yamni will also have to bear the consequence of the pain
She gets hopeful. Can I bring him here then? He refuses. He will never come here. You can go there to take care of him. You can stay with him after sunset. You will have to be back before sunrise. She nods and turns to go. He tells her to remember that her absence shouldn’t affect their other 2 kids. Neither he nor anyone else should know that. She completes his sentence – that he is your son or that he exists. I know it. he advises her to remember it forever. that kid might need you but the shadow of his existence shouldn’t reach Yam and Yamni.

Indra Dev is upset with Mahadev. He made us petty and insecure by sending that power on earth. Surya Dev told us to wait but I cannot. Devguru Brihaspati tells him not to do anything rash. It is better to wait. Indra Dev wants that power to be under his control. On the other hand, Guru Shukracharya decides to find out that power asap so he can be made aware of their pain and injustices. His ally points out that they don’t know where he will be right now. Indra Dev says if that person is just born then it must only be a baby. There must be something extraordinary about him. we have to find the extraordinary or unordinary in the world to find him.

A snake heads towards baby Shani.

Guru Shukracharya too thinks about the power. He must be something special and wont be able to hide for long.

Chhaya sings lullaby for Yam and Yamni and later for Shani.

Indra Dev and Guru Shukracharya send their soldiers to look out for that power on earth. Chhaya sings lullaby holding Shani in her hands.

Shani hid in Surya Loka, away from Surya Dev. Chhaya took care of all the 3 kids. Indra Dev and Guru Shukracharya got tired of finding that power. Ten years passed this way. One day, two men look at a tree mesmerised. This is more beautiful than Kalpavriksha. It should have been in Swarg. They decide to take it to Swarg Loka and head towards the tree with their weapon. Wind blows when one of them is about to strike the tree. They feel as if someone is watching them but then dismiss the thought. Someone is indeed watching them from far. They demand to know who it is. A kid (Shani) walks towards them.

The guy tries to cut the tree again but feels something weird. Who is there? Shani comes there. The guys laugh. It is just a kid! What are you doing in this jungle? Seems like you lost your way. Shani replies that they are the ones who have lost their way. Go back. They speak of taking this tree with them. Shani says this is home to numerous birds. It would be adharma to cut it without any reason. go back. They ask him what he will do if they don’t leave. Shani replies that he wont do anything till they stay put. They step forward. Shani disappears from where he was standing and is found standing in another place. He says I will have to move ahead to keep you in place.

Precap: Sun rises. Shani holds someone’s hand. Sunlight falls on his hand and it burns. Surya Dev tells Chhaya that his son came in his way today. Chhaya worriedly meets SHani. Shani wonders why Surya burnt him. It gives life to everyone.

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