Shani 8th November 2016 Written Update

Shani 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shani 8th November 2016 Written Update

Surya Dev asks Chhaya to show him his son’s face. I will name him after seeing him. She removes the cloth from her son’s face. Surya Dev is shocked to see him. He sends everyone out of the room. This cannot be my son! How can my son by so ugly? This son has no shine. Tell me honestly whose son is he. Who did you have a relation with?

Mahadev says this baby / man of justice wont forgive anyone, be it a loved one or a stranger.

Chhaya requests Surya Dev to trust her. He is your son only. Surya Dev declines. This is a sign of your bad character. Take him away from my eyes. You are characterless! The baby keeps looking at him because of which eclipse happens. Surya Dev looks at his son pointedly. His body turns black too making him writhe in pain. He screams out in anger / anguish.

Indra Dev and all Gods are shocked to see eclipse.

Chhaya covers her son. Surya Dev begins to turn normal once again but is left with a wound mark. This is impossible! This has never happened before. How did an eclipse happen? Now it is proven that this isn’t my son! Son lowers his eyes before his father. The one who cast an eclipse on his own father cannot be my son. Chhaya swears on Mahadev. He is your son only. If I am lying then Mahadev should kill me right away. She holds her son. I still say that this is your son only. He says I don’t want anyone in the world to know he is my son. the son who can stain his father only meets his Kaal. Chhaya holds his feet. Don’t kill him for my sake atleast. She cries. Surya Dev announces that he renounces his son. I curse my son. He will die the moment when even one of my rays will fall on him. Take him away from my eyes where my rays cannot reach him. She is boggled. Where is that place? He repeats that one has to look for the problem of their solution on their own. You have time till I rise again in the sky. He walks away from her. She runs out of the room to look for a solution.

Chhaya notices a horse outside and mounts it.

Meanwhile, Surya Dev begins the process of sunrise.

Chhaya requests horse to take them to a safer place where sunrays cannot touch her son.

Surya Dev looks really upset as he rises in the sky. Chhaya reaches a cliff’s edge. There is no way ahead. What should I do? She notices that sunrise is about to happen. How do I save my son now? I wont let a father kill his own son till his mother is alive. She gets down from the horse. Your father did his karma. Now your mother will do her duty. Sun rises fully in the sky. Chhaya begins to run towards the edge and jumps down before rays can touch either her or her son.

Surya Dev feels the pain in his neck and sits down. Indra Dev asks him about the change in his energies today. Someone else steps forward. We thought we lost you for a moment. What happened suddenly? Surya Dev is quiet. Indra Dev points out that one stays silent either when he is unaware of truth or when he knows everything. What is the reason for you to keep quiet? Surya Dev recalls what had happened. How will you get answer to a wrong question? You stay quiet when you have no answer yourself. I don’t know the reason. Maybe something was wrong in the throne. This happened when I sat here today. Vishwakarma says this has never happened before. Surya Dev greets him. Vishwakarma points out that two strange things happened today. One, your energies seem to be different today. Two, my daughter isn’t here to welcome me. where is she?

Chhaya is surprised as she looks around. Surya Dev made this jungle yet his rays cannot reach here. This is ironic. She finds a hut there and looks at her son. God sent us here so you can stay away from your father’s heat. This will be our home now.

Vishwakarma says it not just pains but also worries father when he does not see his daughter. Where is she? Surya Dev lies that she went to do puja. Indra Dev asks Vishwakarma the purpose of his visit. Vishwakarma says I came to know you are here. I wanted to inform you that you will have to wait till I give you what you had requested for. Indra Dev reminds him who he is. Whose order is more important than mine? Vishwakarma points out that it is Mahadev. You want me to go against Mahadev? Indra Dev agrees to wait. Surya Dev says Mahadev himself is power. Why does he need it? Vishwakarma says it is for the new energy which has taken birth in this world. Indra Dev is curious to see the weapon. Vishwakarma suggests him to come and check himself.

Chhaya keeps thinking of what Surya Dev had said and gets sad. Surya’s son will have to live its life away from Surya. Her tear falls down on her son’s cheek. He opens his eyes and looks at her. Earth begins to tremble. Chhaya holds her son tight. She understands it is her son’s anger. She begins to talk to him. Don’t get angry. Calm down. Don’t look at the tears in my eyes. Notice the happiness in my eyes. Her son calms down. She caresses his head. I am happy to have a son like you who cannot see his mother in pain. I am indeed feeling lucky. Seed has to be away from its roots to become a tree. Maybe you got separated from your father for the same reason. you surely were born for some bigger purpose but what is that.

Vishwakarma shows the weapon to Indra Dev and Surya Dev. This will help him do justice. Indra Dev wants to know what is so special about it. He tries to lift it but in vain. Vishwakarma says what can be more special than this that only its rightful owner can lift it. Indra Dev is sure no one can win over him. I will win over that power. I have to find out what it is. What is its name?

Chhaya says scriptures say that father has a right to name his kids but I disagree. I will name my son. Will it give meaning to the purpose for which you are born? She prays to Mahadev. My son is your Prasad only. Help me in doing the Namakaran (naming ceremony) of my son.

Brahma Dev, Mahadev and Lord Vishnu discuss the name of the new energy created by them. They say Shanay. The word echoes in the sky and reaches Chhaya on earth. A raindrop falls on her son’s forehead doing his tilak. Flowers bloom. Chhaya notices the pleasant changes happening around her. The weapon made by Vishwakarma flies up in air. Vishwakarma says it means the owner of the weapon is very much here now.

Mahadev repeats Shanay. The word reaches Chhaya. She names her son Shani.

Precap: Indra Dev wants to know where that power is who was sent by Mahadev against him. A few guys try to cut a tree. Shani hurts one of them. Come on the right path or I will have to do it.

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