Shakti 6th October 2016 Written Update

Shakti 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update


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Shakti 6th October 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Inspector telling Constable to take care of Harman and says he will be here for 10 days. Harman is shocked and asks what did I do? He says I have to go for urgent work and says I will come after navratra. You can keep me for 10 years, but now let me go. Harman says I have urgent work. Inspector asks what work? Harman says I have to go and search her. Inspector asks whom? Constable takes Harman to lock in lock up. Preeto calls Maninder and says I have made arrangements for my son. Now he will not go insearch of your kinnar daughter. She asks what did you do about your daughter Surbhi? Maninder looks at her and says he did arrangements too. Just then Abhishek comes in his car. Maninder greets him, and tells that Abhishek family asked them to start the marriage preparations. He says if they go together then they will understand each other. Surbhi tells that she is going out for some important work and says we will go on a shopping later. Bebe says your marriage is after navratri. Surbhi asks her to talk to Maninder as he knows where she is going? Maninder asks Nimmi to make Surbhi understand.

Nimmi asks Surbhi to go with Abhishek and do her work later. Surbhi agrees. Maninder asks them to go. Kalsi comes and asks Surbhi to come with her to Soumya’s house. She says she wants to give goad bharayi invitation to Soumya. Maninder gets tensed and introduces Kalsi to Abhishek. Kalsi thinks I thought she likes Varun. Maninder says Abhishek is her to be husband. Kalsi asks why didn’t you tell me. Surbhi says marriage is fixed recently, I didn’t get a chance to tell you. Maninder asks Kalsi to go with Surbhi. Kalsi says it is a good idea. Surbhi asks if I come between you and jiju at any time. Kalsi says okay, you go. Surbhi and Abhishek go. Kalsi tells Maninder and Nimmi that she will come later. Nimmi asks Maninder if he played trick to send Surbhi like this. She says I know that you don’t want Surbhi to find Soumya, and says I am silent even though. I don’t want Surbhi’s life to get ruined. Maninder thinks still there are 8 more days to go.

All the kinnars sit to make baatis. Guru maa tells them to work faster and says they need 1000 baatis till night. Soumya is taking care of baby and makes her rest. She comes to make baati and recalls Nimmi teaching her how to make baati in her childhood. Shakti song plays…………She makes three baatis at once.

Surbhi and Abhishek are in the car. Surbhi thinks how to talk to jiju infront of him, and thinks to reach bhatinda somehow. She asks where are we going for shopping. Abhishek says Amritsar. Surbhi says she wants to go to Bhatinda for shopping. Abhishek is quite surprised and says better brands and shops are in Amritsar. Surbhi says that’s why I don’t want to go, as I don’t want Kalsi to say that she has same brand and stuff. She says can we go there. Abhishek agrees. Surbhi thanks him. Abhishek says my pleasure. Surbhi thinks how to talk to Harman now. Harman asks Inspector to give his phone, and says it is my property. Inspector says you will not get your phone until you are here. Harman says I am saving your landline bill and asking my phone. Inspector gives him mobile. Inspector gives phone and asks Harman not to be smart.

Surbhi thinks to call Harman, but then she gets call from him. He tells her that he is locked inside the lock up. He asks where are you going? Surbhi says she is going to Bhatinda for shopping with her fiance. Harman says I can understand and asks her not to worry, he will do something. He calls Preeto then. Preeto sees his call on her phone and cuts it. He then calls on landline number. Preeto smiles and doesn’t pick the call. Shanno comes to pick call, but Preeto stops her and asks her not to pick call on mobile also. Harman thinks whenever there is an urgency, she doesn’t pick call.

Kareena tells that Tarana taught them easy way to make Baatis fast. Rani, Raveena and Chameli are going out. Guru maa stops them and asks where they are going? Rani says they are going to get chawa dupatta. Guru Maa asks them to buy supari for her. They leave. Surbhi comes to the shop. Abhishek asks the shop keeper to show sarees. He selects it. Surbhi thinks this shop is near to the kinnar area and think to go out and see. She asks Abhishek to get the sarees packed, and come out of shop. Rani, Raveena and Chameli come to a shop. Rani asks Chameli to buy Chunari and go home, and tell that they will come in sometime. Chameli says okay and leave. Surbhi tells Abhishek that she don’t want to go. Abhishek says okay. He gets down the car. Surbhi sees Chameli and recognizes her. She thinks Soumya might stay with her.

Surbhi follows Chameli on the road. Chameli senses someone is following her. Preeto comes to the Police station and asks Inspector to keep Harman in jail for 9 more days. Harman fights with police men and escapes.

Written Update by H Hasan

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