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Shakti 6th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maninder telling Nimmi that Soumya will have her bidaai, not to her sasural but somewhere else. Nimmi gets shocked. Maninder asks Nimmi to understand that her daughter is not like others. He says Soumya can’t be happy in this world and I want to send her there for her betterment. He says I know your feelings, but everything is not in our hands. He says if you want Soumya’s happiness then we have to send her to her world. He says we have 3 days. He asks her to decide till morning and tell him. Nimmi is shocked and worried. Maninder goes out.

Harak Singh and Harman come to Preeto. Harman asks what are you doing? Preeto says I am packing your bags, I signed you not to fill her maang, but you didn’t listen. She asks him to go and stay with them. Harak Singh asks Harman to

go and he will handle Preeto. Harman goes. Preeto says I will pack your bags too, go and stay with them. Harak Singh says I had a pistol and 6 bullets, but 600 people were standing infront of me, what would I do. Preeto says you didn’t let me speak and became great infront of others. Preeto says Harman is our only son and his baby will be our heir. Harak Singh says Harman is a tiger and his baby will be tiger only. He asks Preeto if he brought her in doli etc. He says you are happy naa, then why you are insisting on knowing those people. He says I have decided and this marriage will happen. Preeto gets angry.

Surbhi is sad. She drinks water and thinks Harman can’t be mine now. It would be good if Harman and Soumya unites. She sees Nimmi coming to kitchen to make food and seems lost. She tells Nimmi that she needs her permission for Soumya’s marriage. Nimmi says it is not a small matter. Surbhi says Soumya and Harman like each other. They will be happy together. Nimmi says I am her mum and knows what is better for her. Surbhi says I know you loves her very much and Harman will take care of her. Nimmi thinks what to do. She says I will think what to do. Surbhi gets happy and hugs her. Later someone comes to Soumya’s room and holds her hand.

Soumya wakes up and sees Nimmi with bag. Nimmi asks Soumya to come with her and says I can’t protect you for long. Soumya says Harman ji is good. Nimmi says I am not worried for him, but you. She asks her to come. Soumya says now you have to tell me, with whom you are protecting me. She says I will come with you silently, but please just give answers to my questions. Nimmi says this is not the time to talk. Soumya says if Dadi is right, you don’t want me to marry? Right? Nimmi is shocked and drops the bag shockingly. Just then something falls. Biji wakes up and thinks what is this sound. She comes out. Soumya asks Nimmi to tell, what is her betterment. Nimmi asks you didn’t ask me anything till now, then why you are asking. Soumya asks her to tell. Nimmi says nobody will let you live here peacefully. Biji says those people will find you wherever you go. Nimmi asks what to do then? Biji asks her to leave everything on Mata Rani, and says may be this is destiny game. That guy had kidnapped Soumya, may be it is from God. Nimmi cries and says I am tired. Biji says everything will be fine.

Next morning, Soumya comes to Nimmi and gives tea. Nimmi asks her to keep it on table. Soumya says Maa…and tries to talk about yesterday night. Nimmi asks her to leave. Soumya is leaving. Nimmi asks her to send Surbhi there. Soumya nods and goes. Nimmi looks at her phone. Surbhi comes. Nimmi asks her to give Harman’s number. Surbhi looks on surprised. Nimmi says I want to talk about marriage and their preference. Surbhi gives the number to Nimmi. Nimmi asks her to go. She calls Harman. Harman is sleeping and picks the call. Nimmi says I am Soumya’s mum. Harman greets her. Nimmi asks him to come and meet her at the temple on highway and not to tell anyone. Harman agrees. Nimmi turns and sees Biji standing.

Biji says he will break marriage, hearing the truth. Nimmi says she don’t want to break Soumya’s dreams. She says Soumya has started loving Harman and says she wants to see her happy. Biji says if Harman refuses after knowing it. Nimmi says if he refuses, I will think that it is Soumya’s destiny and if he agrees, I will be happy and do my daughter’s bidaai arrangements happily. Harman wonders what she wants to talk. Preeto comes and offers head massage. Harman says I am not in a mood. Preeto makes him sit forcibly and massages his head. She asks why he is looking lost. She says whatever happened was in a hurry and asks him to forget. She says marriage happens between two equal people. Harman asks her to forget it. Preeto asks do you love her? Harman says no. Preeto says then will you marry for the debt. Harman says she is a nice girl and will take care of you. Preeto says I don’t want her and asks him to convince his dad. Harman says it is better for you to agree, and says you have to agree for sure.

Maninder says Soumya’s bidaai is my barbaadi. She asks Saya to kill Soumya, else he will kill her. Saya keeps knife on her neck and says she has promised Nimmi . She says Soumya will not step out of house for 21 days, and asks him not to do anything to Soumya or her till then.

Written Update by H Hasan

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