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Shakti 4th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Surbhi giving a fitting reply to Preeto. Harman comes in his car. Preeto asks what is the matter. Harak Singh asks her to calm down. Harman says I didn’t do anything. The people standing there, says that he is not having any shame in his eyes. Harman says he didn’t do anything and brought Soumya in the same condition. He asks them to get the medical test done, to know if he is saying truth or not. Nimmi asks Maninder to stop him. Maninder asks her to stop it. A man says if we will show the report to everyone. Harak Singh says he is his son and he never lies. The neighbors get angry. Harak Singh asks also angry and says he will cut their tongues. He says I am his father and is no. 1 gunda.

Panchayat member asks them to think about the girl who spent a night with Harman and think about her parents. He says who will marry this girl now? The people asks them to answer. Harak Singh says nobody will say now. Harak Singh says my family name will not be ruined on the middle of road, when my son has done the mistake then he will rectify it too. He holds Harman’s hand and goes to Soumya. He takes Soumya and Harman holding their hands to the temple nearby. Everyone is shocked and follows them. He prays to the Goddess and folds his hands. He asks God if he is seeing, he says it is the matter of his respect now. He says Harman will pay for the lost respect. He picks the aarti plate and asks Harman to fill Soumya’s maang with sindoor. Everyone is shocked. Maninder asks Bebe what to do? Harman is silent and looks on stunned. Soumya looks on shocked too. Surbhi asks Maninder to stop them. Preeto asks Harak Singh to listen. Harak Singh says nobody shall stop me, and fires bullet in air. Preeto asks if anyone do this with their own child.

Harak Singh asks Harman to fill her maang else he will shoot you. Harman takes a pinch of sindoor and fills Soumya’s maang, shocking Nimmi, Maninder, Bebe and Surbhi. Mangalam kundali plays………………………Soumya closes her eyes and continues to cry. Harak Singh says jai ho maa to Goddess. Nimmi says she don’t agree to this marriage and won’t let her daughter marry this guy. Panchayat member asks Nimmi, who will marry her then. He asks her to let the marriage happen. Harak Singh says he is firm on his decision, and says Soumya is my bahu, daughter and responsibility from today. Everyone says Jai. Harak Singh tells Preeto that Soumya is his bahu and daughter now and asks her to bless her. Preeto blesses her hesitantly. Harak Singh says she is our bahu now and asks her to make Soumya wear bangles etc. Preeto takes out her jooda and makes Soumya wear it. Nimmi asks Maninder to stop the marriage. Maninder says if marriage is a joke and says I don’t accept this marriage being her father. He asks Soumya to take out the bangles.

Panchayat member asks if he has gone mad? He says they are good family and good people. They have accepted their mistake and got his son marry your daughter. He says, we panch do agree with this marriage. He says Harak Singh that he has become his samdhi of the pind now. Harak Singh gives 3 days’ time to Panch, and says he will take his bahu home with band and baja. He walks off. Preeto takes Harman from there, says drama is over. Nimmi takes Soumya from there angrily. Surbhi tries to stop her. Bebe stops her. She says if Soumya gets married then her truth will be out then people will laugh on us. She asks God to show the way. Maninder says this is the only way to stop marriage and says he has to do which he thought to do years ago.

As Soumya is standing near the railing, dressed up as a bride for her mehendi ritual, Maninder is about to push her. A veiled woman stops his hand.

Written Update by H Hasan

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