Shakti 2nd August 2016 Written Update

Shakti 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update


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Shakti 2nd August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Harman telling Soumya that they have not lived upto the relation of husband and wife and asks if this happens. He asks her to tell what excuse she will make, as we haven’t consummated,or because you couldn’t make relation with me even after being in marriage. He says tonight we will not stop each other. He goes. Surbhi comes inside. Soumya asks Surbhi, did you hear what he said. Surbhi says I heard and was standing outside the door. Soumya says what to do, and says one side is Nimmi’s promise and other side is Harman’s anger. Surbhi says his anger is justified, and says his logic is right too as the camphor is over. She gets an idea and asks her to make special kheer to cheer up Harman, and asks her to wipe her tears and come with her. Preeto tells her devrani that she thought she will be freed from kitchen work after bahu came, but. Just then Surbhi and Soumya comes there. Chachi praises her and says she is there. Soumya asks can I do work. Preeto says it is good that you came, else I would have thought so much.

Surbhi asks Chachi to give the vegetable. Preeto tells Surbhi that Soumya is married and not her, and says first rasoi is of Soumya. Surbhi takes it positively and says only Soumya will make food in her first kitchen ritual. She praises her cooking. Preeto is irked. Soumya is cooking in the kitchen. Surbhi goes to get dhaniya. Nimmi calls Soumya. Soumya tells her that she is in kitchen. Nimmi suggests her to make something..Soumya agrees. Nimmi asks if everything is fine between you both. Soumya says I am trying and hesitantly tells that Harman kept the camphor near the fan and it all flew. Nimmi is shocked and asks how can he do this. Soumya asks what we will do now. Nimmi thinks what to tell, but the call gets disconnected as phone battery drains. Soumya thinks Surbhi never charges her phone fully. She thinks Harman is also right, and Nimmi’s saying is also done. Harak Singh asks where is Harman. He says he should be here. Chachi says Soumya cooked food today. Harak Singh goes in flashback and says when Preeto cooked the food, he was roaming around her. Harman comes and asks who is lafandar then…He smells the food and says this thing don’t let us away from our wives. Varun holds Surbhi from falling. Surbhi says him thanks and goes.

Harak Singh eats it and says it is very much tasty. He asks Preeto get happy. Preeto says I will be happy when Soumya gives me baby. Soumya blushes and smiles. Harman looks at her. Surbhi asks Harman to taste kheer made by Soumya. Harman tastes it and says I do agree with Harak Singh, my wife has magic in her hands. Harak Singh takes out chain from his neck and says it is nek/gift for your first rasoi. He asks her to be happy and accepts everyone happily. Harman whispers to Soumya that Harak Singh asks her to keep him happy. Raavi asks what is so good about the food. Varun says food is too good and asks her to learn cooking from Soumya and then jija ji will come smelling food. Harman asks Varun to keep quiet else Raavi will get angry. Later in the night, Surbhi thinks Preeto got happy, thanks to Soumya’s cooking. She thinks Soumya asked her to charge her phone in the morning itself, but she forgot. She puts phone on charging.

Nimmi thinks what to do, and tells Beeji that she will go to Soumya’s sasural. Beeji asks what you will tell them that the camphor is finished. Surbhi switches on her phone and sees Nimmi’s 15 missed calls. She calls Nimmi. Nimmi tells her that Harman made all camphor flew and asks her to add more camphor in the box. Surbhi says I will not do this and asks why do you want to separate them. Nimmi says everything will be finished. Surbhi says if I stop them then everything will be finished. She says there is nothing like auspicious and inauspicious and says I am sure that her life will be filled with happiness and disconnects the call. Nimmi tells Beeji that she is going to Soumya’s house. Maninder hears them and calls Saya. He asks are you sleeping? He asks her to tell everything to Soumya before Harman realizes the truth. Saya says she can’t tell her, as she has promised Nimmi. Maninder says you have to take Soumya today, else you will have to lose her. Saya thinks I feel bad Soumya, I have to tell you truth to save your life.

Surbhi asks Nimmi why she don’t want her daughter to have a marital life and asks her to tell truth. Nimmi cries badly. Later in the temple, Saya and her team surround Soumya. Soumya asks why you are troubling me. Saya says we want to tell you truth. Soumya is shocked.

Written Update by H Hasan

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