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Shakti 27th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Harman’s friend asking him what is going on in his mind. Harman says revenge and shows the knife. His friend says he is getting wrong feeling and asks him to come. Harman says he don’t take his words or plans back. He shows the handkerchief and chloroform. He asks him to be ready with car and don’t ditch him this time. His friend agrees. Harman enters Maninder house. Soumya is working and thinks where is Surbhi. She didn’t talk to me since morning. Surbhi comes, blindfolds her and asks her to come with her. Soumya a*s where you are taking me. Surbhi says we have reached. Soumya opens her eyes and sees birthday cake. Surbhi wishes her happy birthday. Soumya says that’s why I thought why there is no voice of yours. Harman looks on. Soumya tells Nimmi that she know that Papa and Bebe will not come, but how to cut cake without them. Nimmi tells Surbhi that she said her. Surbhi says I will call them. She brings them. Soumya cuts the cake. Harman peeps in the room and thinks he will cut her ticket finely.

Soumya makes Nimmi and Surbhi have the cake bite and hugs them. Nimmi gets teary eyes and blesses them. Surbhi says I can leave this world for Di. Soumya asks her not to tell like that. Surbhi asks Nimmi not to cry and smile. Surbhi and Soumya hug Nimmi. Bebe and Maninder looks on upset. Soumya takes the cake for Maninder and says papa ji. Maninder says I don’t need it. Surbhi signs him to take it. Maninder takes the cake for Surbhi’s happiness. Soumya is happy. Soumya then gives cake to Bebe. Bebe takes it. Harman gets ready and puts chloroform on handkerchief. He thinks I will make her vanish from the happy family pic. Harman’s friend Monty sees Police jeep coming and thinks this is Police jeep, and thinks today he will be gone.

Inspector asks Harman’s dad why did he come, even after giving 50000 Rs. Harman’s dad says he will click photo with alive tiger. Harman’s chacha asks him to see the car and they stop the police jeep. They see Monty standing there. Nimmi blesss Soumya. Bebe asks Nimmi to think about their happiness and curses Soumya. Harman switches off the fuse and electricity goes off. Harman kidnaps someone. Harman’s dad asking Monty, why is he standing on road? Monty says he is driver and waiting for owner to come. He sees Harman coming out and gets tensed. He thinks he will be caught now. Harman sees Police with his dad and uncle and hides. They leave. Maninder goes to check fuse and sees it off. He is shocked and switches on the lights. Harman puts the girl in the car while she is wrapped in the bag. Monty gets shocked. Surbhi brings torch. Nimmi searches for Soumya and sees the door open. Maninder says the door was opened by someone who took Soumya from here. Nimmi is shocked and recalls the saya/ veiled woman behind Soumya.

Surbhi asks Maninder what happened? Maninder says she is kidnapped. Nimmi says she has protected Soumya till now, but the fear came true. Bebe says she is kidnapped by witch. Surbhi looks on shocked. Nimmi blames Maninder. Maninder says have you gone mad? He says witch came with planning and have kidnapped her. Surbhi asks what you people are saying? Nimmi runs out cryingly. Bebe says she will wake up all the neighbors now. Surbhi looks on. Nimmi goes to Jugni’s house and knocks on the door. Jugni opens the door.. Nimmi says Soumya is kidnapped. Jugni’s husband says he will go and see. Maninder comes to room and calls Saya asking why didn’t you tell me before doing this. Saya is shown. A fb is shown.

Harman’s dad says it is Police work to search my son. Inspector asks him not to worry. Harman sees Police jeep and asks Monty to take left. He says today you will not be saved mirchi powder. Jugni’s husband asks Nimmi to send Soumya’s pic on his phone. Surbhi says I will come with you. Jugni says no need, he is going naa. Surbhi insists. Maninder asks Surbhi to come with him and says Inspector will search her. Nimmi insists to go. Jugni asks her husband to take Surbhi and Nimmi with him. Maninder tries to stop them. Nimmi and Surbhi sit in car. Maninder looks on. Monty’s car stops on the way. Harman asks him to buy cycle instead. Monty asks him to check the car. Harman gets down and checks the engine. Monty says you drives many car and asks him to check. Harman says I drive many cars, but don’t repair it. Harman’s dad sees him and calls his name. Harman looks on tensed.

Harman sees Soumya instead of Surbhi. Soumya wakes up and finds Harman with her. Harman take off his jacket and covers Soumya as she is feeling cold.

Written Update by H Hasan

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