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Shakti 21st June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Harman getting down the bike and shows his attitude. Surbhi gets bowled over by his style and attitude. His friend says we shall leave from here. Harman says we will see if Gurdaspur people are stronger or not. Surbhi male friends’ surround him. Harman asks them to wait and asks who is the girl who asked you people to beat me. They sign him towards Surbhi. Surbhi is tensed. Harman says he will first meet that girl and then asks the goons to beat him later. He goes towards Surbhi. Harman asks if you are that clever girl who called this monkeys to show the drama. One of the goon attack him from back. Harman gets angry and beats the goons. Surbhi looks on tensedly as the goons fall on ground after getting beaten by Harman. Harman asks Surbhi’s friend to come. Goons run to Harman and is about to hit him. Harman asks them to have any shame and says you people are 15 and I am just 1. Goon says we will not leave you. Harman asks them not to leave him, else he will beat them and make them leave Gurdaspur. He runs asking everyone to catch him. They run through the fields and above the houses’ terrace.

Harman comes to Maninder’s house while running and thinks what to do. He sees Nimmi and goes to hide in the room. Soumya sees him locking the door and shouts Mamma. Harman slips. He sees Soumya through her dupatta. Nimmi comes there and asks who are you? Harman asks her to be quiet, and tells that his friend planned to elope with a girl, but then escaped seeing the goons. He says goons are waiting for me outside. He frees Soumya. Soumya goes to Nimmi. Harman says he is a good man, but have done this so that she can hear him. Nimmi asks him to hide. Surbhi’s male friends/goons come and asks Nimmi if she saw any man here. Nimmi says no. They leave. Harman thanks Nimmi and says I will leave. He says can I get a glass of water. Nimmi asks Soumya to bring it. Harman asks her not to get scared and says he is hero. He asks Nimmi to make tea for him, says he is having headache, and convinces her.

Nimmi goes to make tea. Soumya brings water and gives in Harman’s hand. Harman takes water and says I have seen the world, but haven’t seen a beautiful girl like you in entire pind and then says Punjab….She says you are like an angel, and very beautiful. Soumya says you are very badtameez. Harman says we have just met and you have made relation. He goes. Nimmi brings tea and sees him gone.

Soumya gets happy and talks to the flowers about Harman. She asks am I beautiful? Surbhi praises Harman and says she liked his style. Soumya thinks there is something special about him. Harman climbs the wall and gets inside his house. A woman sees the door open and asks who let the door open. She sees Harman and informs a lady that he came. She asks her to inform Biji. Biji is shown. She tells God that I know you are fed up of hearing old bhajans and says I have brought new CD for you. She plays song/bhajan and dances. The first woman comes and says he has come. Biji is surprised. The woman asks everyone to catch him. Harman says they have made my entry as breaking news, wonder if they are family or media. Harman tries to run out of house, but is caught by his family.

Precap: Harman scares Surbhi and asks her to call someone. Surbhi throws something on his face and escapes. Harman the sees Soumya standing infront of him and is surprised.

Written Update by H Hasan

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