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Shakti 1st July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Harman warning the neighbors not to touch Soumya, else they have to face him. Inspector comes and arrests Harman. He asks Nimmi to take Soumya inside. Neighbors says she can’t go inside and says they will punish her. Inspector asks them to calm down and asks Nimmi to take Soumya home. Harman thinks I have saved Gulabo and is going to jail also. He says there is no value of gentleman. Maninder calls Saya, says you can’t kidnap a girl, and asks her to hurry up. Nimmi takes injured Soumya inside. Surbhi feels her pain and thinks she can’t let Harman go free. Maninder calls Surbhi, but she ignores him and goes. He thinks if Soumya’s truth is out then nobody will let them live, and thinks to do something permanently. Khadak Singh tells Preeto that there is a limit of loving someone and says he has done murder. He asks her to say where is her son? Preeto says I don’t know. I haven’t hidden him and swears on God. Khadak says you are swearing on God for your son. He asks him not to take God lightly as he couldn’t be seen. He asks her to understand and tell him. He says things are slipping from my hands. Inspector calls him and informs that Harman is in Police lock up. Khadak Singh is shocked and says he is coming there. He tells Preeto that he is going to Polic station. Preeto says she will also come with him.

Soumya cries hugging Nimmi and is scared. Nimmi asks Soumya to tell if Harman touched her and did something. Soumya nods no and says he is a nice man. He thought to drop me home, but he was not having car. She says he came to kidnap choti, but kidnapped me mistakenly. When he realized his mistake, he took care of me and even protected me twice. Once from the villagers, and other from the chudail, who tried to kidnap me in childhood. She says she came to kidnapped me again. She says Harman fought with them and saved me. She says Harman asked me why they are after me. Nimmi thanks God for saving her daughter. Soumya says he is not bad guy. Surbhi comes to jail to meet Harman. She says troubles will not end. Harman says you are the reason of all troubles. Surbhi asks why did you kidnap my sister. Harman says I had planned to kidnapped you, but Gulabo was kidnapped instead. Surbhi asks did you want to kill me? Harman says my maa says mata rani’s ansh is in every girl. Surbhi asks then why you planned to kidnap me. Harman says because you don’t have mata rani’a ansh. Surbhi asks what is his planning. What he thought to do with her.? Harman says I wouldn’t have done anything wrong as I respect women, but would have left you in jungle. Surbhi thinks he respects woman and thinks I couldn’t understand him. She gets impressed with him.

The neighbors come to Police station and says they want to punish Harman. Inspector tries to calm down them. Constable says matter is slipped from our hand, now there is only one way. Inspector looks on. Bebe gives tea to Maninder and asks him to think about their respect. Maninder wishes soumya would had died after birth. Bebe asks Maninder to call them (Saya and her goons) and asks to take Soumya with them, before Pind takes a decision against them. Maninder says this will be right and calls Saya. Just then some neighbor calls him asking him to come out of home. Maninder cuts the call and goes outside. He sees Constables standing and greets them. Constable asks where is your daughter? Maninder says she is here and shows Surbhi.

Constable says where is your other daughter, who was missing last night. Soumya comes. Maninder asks what is the matter? Constable says Inspector called her to chowpaal, everyone is waiting. Khadak Singh and Preeto come to Chowpaal. All the neighbors and panchayat members waiting for them. Preeto asks where is Harman? Khadak Singh asks her to keep quiet and says he will handle everything. Neighbors tell that he is that man’s parents and gave bad values to him. Soumya comes there with Nimmi, Bebe, Surbhi, Maninder and Biji..

Preeto says she will talk to the girl and asks her husband not to worry. She goes to them and introduces herself as Harman’s mum. She says I want to talk to you. Nimmi asks Soumya to go with Surbhi and Biji. She asks Preeto, what happened? Preeto says I know why you are doing drama and says I will give you double money and asks her to leave her son. Nimmi says my daughter’s respect is at stake, then why I will do drama. Preeto says let me the price. Surbhi comes and asks we need some respect from you. She says I can also talk badly with you, but will not do as my parents taught me to respect others. Nimmi stops her. Surbhi asks her to handle her. She says your son had kidnapped my sister and the neighbors are making issue. She asks what is my sister’s mistake? Preeto says you didn’t know what we can do? Surbhi says we don’t want anything from you, but if the neighbors come to know that you are trying to give us money then what they will do. She asks her to go home and stop troubling her mum and sister.

Khadak Singh tells that his son has done a mistake and will be punished. He asks Harman to fill Soumya’s maang with sindoor and takes them to temple. Preeto tries to stop him, but Khadak Singh asks her to move back. Harman fills Soumya’s maang shocking everyone.

Written Update by H Hasan

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