Shakti 15th September 2016 Written Update

Shakti 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Shakti 15th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Soumya thinking about Surbhi giving her idea to go through window to meet Harman before, and thinks she has to take an initiate and elope from there. She thinks I will search the way once I leave from here. She manages to get down and come on the road. She sees the goons and think to take their help, but stops. The goons say beautiful apsara on road and run after her. Soumya runs to save her respect. Goon asks her to come near them. Soumya asks them not to come near her and asks them to leave her hand, and shouts. Saya comes there and beats the goons with stick. Soumya is shocked and says you…..Goon asks Saya to leave and says we have no enmity with you or your people. Saya says I won’t go without her. Goon says we will handle you first. Saya beats them and asks why they are teasing a girl on road and questions on their manhood. She says she is like my daughter, a kinnar. Goon says we thought she is a girl, she is so beautiful. Saya says she is beautiful, but she is neither a woman nor a man, and says God made us incomplete from body but given us a good heart and scolds them.

Doctor gives injection to Nimmi and asks who is Soumya? Surbhi is about to tell her. Maninder asks Doctor if she has gone mad? Doctor says no and asks him to talk to her about her problem and Soumya. Maninder says actually Soumya is her daughter and is now married. Doctor asks Maninder to call Soumya then.

Saya brings Soumya home and pushes her on bed. She says you have made fun of my liberty and love, and says if I hadn’t come on time, then wrong thing would have happened. She says people are bad and you can’t live there even for a day. Guru Maa says if she didn’t listen then she will never listen. She says today’s incident explains to you that outside world is not for you. She says your family is least bothered about you, and that’s why didn’t come insearch for you. She asks her to accept the fact so and tells about the consequences if they throw her out. She says she will not be allowed to come out of room. Other Kinnar says she will keep an eye on her. Guru Maa asks Kareena to come with her, seeing her softness towards Soumya. Soumya covers herself with blanket while two kinnars keep eye on her. Surbhi thinks it was good that Nimmi slept and will get some rest. She calls Harman and informs him that someone sent letter to Nimmi and have written that Soumya is safe with her. Harman asks her to meet him in the temple. Surbhi says okay, I will meet in the morning.

Soumya thinks I can’t stay here, and thinks how? Preeto asks Harak Singh to sleep else his head will pain. Harak Singh says you have kicked bahu rani out, but what I will answer to my business clients etc. Preeto says what I would had done, it was about my son’s life. Harak Singh says this matter will be known to people like fire, and says I can’t bear if my respect is ruined. He says don’t know why my tiger son is after her. Preeto asks him not to worry and says nothing will happen, we have never done anything bad with anyone, and asks him to sleep. Harak Singh asks God to give strength.

Soumya thinks to elope again and gets up. She manages to get a phone from Kinnar and recalls Harman’s words that phone is important. She calls Nimmi, but her phone is off. She thinks Maa never keeps her phone off and thinks if they told truth. She thinks to call Harman. She thinks nobody wants me back. She calls Surbhi, but she doesn’t pick her call. Soumya thinks what to do and calls again. Surbhi is not there near her phone. Soumya thinks why nobody is picking the call. She thinks of calling Harman and thinks don’t know if he remember me or not. Harman is restless at his house. He thinks how did Soumya reach bhatinda….and thinks how to find Soumya, from where to start.

Harman calls back at the Kinnar phone and says I got calls from you. Kinnar says I don’t know you, and have not called. Guru Maa tells everyone that Soumya called her family and they can come here at any time. Soumya looks on.

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