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Shakti 11th November 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with the man bringing goons to the place and shows Surbhi. The goon looks at Surbhi and says she is beautiful, and says she will be liked by them. Saya and Harman looks on hidingly. Soumya is still at the goons’ place and the goon asks him to attract the client. Soumya runs from there and reaches on the terrace. She says I will jump from here. Goons tells that Sheikh is about to come, and asks others to bring the mattresses. Soumya threatens to jump. The same man (Saya and Harman’s helper) comes with Surbhi and the goon to the same place. Surbhi sees Soumya about to fall down and tells that she can stop her from falling down. Man says Sheikh must be waiting. Surbhi runs and gets on the terrace asking Soumya not to jump and calls her Di. Soumya is shocked hearing her. Surbhi lifts
her veil and shows her face. She asks her to give her hand. Goon jumps and holds Soumya’s hand. He asks if you both are related. Surbhi says she called her Di to make her emotional and come back. Goon says okay and takes Soumya from there.

Surbhi covers Soumya’s western clothes with her dupatta. Goon asks what is this drama? They take her to room. Other goon slaps Soumya hard, for trying to elope. He asks his men to check Surbhi if she has anything. Goon says she had just phone, which he has already taken. Soumya and Surbhi are taken to different rooms.

Mahi tells Shanno that she will ruin this family if Harman ditches her. Shanno consoles her, and thinks she will be benefitted with the fight. Many Sheikhs come to the goons’ place. Man tells Harman that he made Surbhi go there, but don’t know if Soumya is there or not. Saya asks him to do her last work. Harman looks on. They bring Soumya, Surbhi and other girls there. Shekhs get happy seeing the girls. He asks Soumya to dance. Goon tells Soumya that she is fortunate as Sheikh liked her and asks her to dance. Surbhi and Soumya are uncomfortable and hold each other hand.

At Maninder’s house. Everyone mourn for Nimmi’s death and sit near her dead body. Varun comes and sits beside Maninder. Man introduces Harman to goon and tells that this man is very rich. Goon gets happy. Harman tells him that he wants new taste product which he will take to Africa and make his dad happy. Goon agrees and asks him to come. Sheikh selects Soumya and says I want her. Goon tells that he was confident about her. Other Sheikh tells that even he wants her. They argue. Goon suggests that they shall call a bid. All Sheikh agree. Goon who was with Harman call the other goon, he informs him about the bid. Goon says okay and asks Harman to come with him to the place. Harman says he will select the girl.

They start the bidding. Bid starts from 3 lakhs and goes on.. Soumya cries. Surbhi thinks how to save her now, and wishes Harman to come soon. Goon comes near Soumya and removes her dupatta. Soumya is shocked. Sheikh says he will give 9 lakhs rupees for this beautiful girl. He sells her for 9 Lakhs rs and congratulates Sheikh. Soumya cries and falls on Sheikh’s feet asking him to let her go. Sheikh asks where do you want to go. Soumya says she wants to go to her mum’s house. Sheikh laughs and says he will take her to Dubai today itself.

Man brings Harman to the place. He selects Surbhi and asks them to remove tape from her mouth. Surbhi shouts that Soumya is taken by Sheikh just now. Harman follows the car and tries to rescue Soumya, but Soumya falls down in the valley shocking him..

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