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Service Wali Bahu 27th June 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode starsts with Payal consoling Dev and telling she is with him and won’t ever Enable nearly anything undesirable materialize to him. Dev claims he agrees that she is with him usually and he is grateful for that, he repeats thanks a great deal. He sadly hopes he might have accomplished a little something for her. Payal says he has accomplished a great deal for her, he stood together with her always, so she desires to question him one thing which he mustn’t deny. He guarantees. She states nobody is often much better husband than him, now she wishes to acquire their relationship a new stage and grow to be bestfriends forever. She extends friendship hand and he happily grabs it.

Bhuvaneshwar will not uncover Nelu at home and asks Indu wherever is she. Indu claims she has absent for her practice and yells why teacher makes her observe so much. Bhuvaneshwar claims she is an athlete and has to apply. Rajath comes with silver utensils and gives it to Indu. He asks her to execute pooja from these utensils. Bhuvaneshwar jokes that he’s bribing god, but go does not settle for bribe and will punish for every mistake. Rajath will get sad and will get into his space. Indu scolds Bhuvaneshwar for irking her son and sends Alka to provide him again.

Natru with Ayodhya reaches contractor’s office and provides him 3 crores. Contractor says he requires at the least 8 crores for his land, else he can give it on lease for ninety nine a long time. Natru agrees. Phool seems to be at natru’s signed papers and tells his assistant that he was expecting natru to browse papers, but he didn’t, now he can certainly grab his house for nonpyament of debt.

Natru offers revenue bundles to Santoshi and states it’s for day by day bills and she can spend lavishly and never like Payal’s monthly income which she has to spend cunningly. Payal enters with Dev and Regrettably asks how can he express that when she can also be family member of this property. Natru says then why did she insult him for the duration of birthday party. Dev interrupts, but Natru yells at him and leaves asking Santoshi to help keep revenue securely in locker.

Santoshi opens locker to keep revenue and is also stunned to determine property assets paperwork missing. Guddi claims only she and Natru have house paperwork. Santoshi claims she isn’t going to know who took it. Guddi calls Natru and states mom misplaced property documents. Gulkan begins shouting at Santoshi this dwelling is comprised of her brother’s money and she dropped documents. Santoshi asks Natru if he took paperwork. Natru denies and scolds her that she are not able to cope with documents and it is dreaming of dealing with residence. Payal asks Santoshi to calmly Verify. Ayodhya thinks authentic paperwork are with Phool and he has a photocopy, but how to maintain it before Everybody. He informs Natru. Natru requires paperwork, retains them among saris performing as exploring them and exhibits Anyone that Santoshi carelessly stored them in this article. Payal thinks she didn’t obtain papers below until now, then how come natru acquired it. Natru continues scolding Santoshi and she or he starts crying. Naru then invites Absolutely everyone for Ayodhya’s task’s bhoomi pooja in addition to suggests whoever really wants to head to Business or show up at interviews can perform.

Natru invitations an individual for bhoomi pooja more than cellphone and tells Ayodhya that shortly they’ll rule this residence, they dont have to anticipate Payal’s wage or hear Gulkan’s yelling. Now they’re going to display that they are most crucial in this property. Ayodhya states he wants to split Payal’s ego. Natru suggests after his job is thriving, It will probably be a decent slap on Payal’s deal with and her dignity are going to be shattered.

Precap: Guddi badmouths about Payal before her loved ones and tells they were being struggling economically beneath her rule and now with Ayodhya’s task setting up they are viewing money rain. Natru states Santoshi he desires Payal to become out of the residence.

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