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Service Wali Bahu 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Dev with Rajesh Conference law firm and briefing him Rajath’s problem. Law firm asks if he is certain Rajath is innocent. Dev states he is certain an individual trapped Rajath into this and Rajath may get each of the culprits arrested. Attorney claims his assistant is on depart, so he should really assist him draft bail papers. Dev calls Payal and informs that he is with law firm and is particularly drafting rajath’s bail papers, so he may possibly arrive only each morning.

Each morning, Dev reaches law enforcement station with lawyer and palms above Rajath’s bail papers. Inspector frees Rajath. Dev then many thanks law firm for his aid and suggests he can pay his expenses later on. Lawyer says even he is helping legislation by producing Rajath as proof, he pays fees whenever he likes. Rajath will come out and suggests He’s ashamed of himself and can’t facial area his relatives. Dev says he can repent by getting the main culprits caught.

Indu continues crying for Rajath. Dev delivers Rajath home and maama claims it is nice Rajath acquired bail. Rajath apologizes bhuvaneshwar and pleads for his forgiveness, but Bhuvaneshwar claims he is not going to forgive him this time and goes to his home. Indu suggests his papa is indignant now and may forgive the moment he calms down. Rajath apologizes her and suggests he couldn’t develop into his fantastic son whatsoever. He then apologizes Alka for not remaining an excellent partner and says he wished to be like Payal and Neelam and took a Incorrect way when he couldn’t. He apologizes Payal and suggests now he is not going to go on Incorrect route. Indu many thanks Dev for bailing out Rajath. He says Rajath can be a loved ones and there’s no ought to thank. He then leaves with Payal towards dwelling.

Dev drops Payal residence they usually both of those examine about their program tips on how to distinct credit card debt and Dev then leaves for his position.

Natru comes away from his loved ones to leave for industry when his debtors attack him and take a look at to smear his experience black. Gulkan interferes and beats debtors until they run from there. She warns them not to the touch her family members, else she will not likely spare them. Santoshi tells Natru that he normally insulted Gulkan, but she saved him.

Financier satisfies Payal at her Business office and claims he doesn’t have any challenge in supplying her 50 lakhs bank loan. She thanks him. He says she can preserve fifty lakhs in Trade of street tender. The moment he leaves, Payal’s evil soul asks her to simply accept bribe and great soul warns never to.

Precap: Rajath informs Dev and Payal that Phool is guiding is arrest and his boss. Dev claims could become govt proof to receive Phool punished. Phool’s goon informs him that Rajath has become govt evidence.

Written Update By Sahir


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