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Saubhaghyalakshmi 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update


Kavya tries to do graha pravesh, but Samarth stops her and says she does not have right for it and asks Muskan to do graha pravesh. Muskan does graha pravesh and holds his hand. Vasundhara shouts how could she tarnish her dignity by eloping and now coming back to show her right. Bhairavi says she does not have to do graha pravesh as she is not married. Samarth frees Muskan’s hand from Bhairavi and says Muskan is married to him. Everyone are shocked.

Samarth tells that he got Muskan’s call that someone kidnapped her. He rushes to the spot and sees Muskan running on road. He stops her and she hugs and cries. He asks who kidnapped her. She says she got repeated calls before wedding from someone telling that he wants to tell about Samarth’s past. She ignored him, but he kidnapped her just before wedding. He believes her and says he was forced to marry Kavya. She acts as trying to suicide and telling he can be happy with Kavya. He stops her and says loves her and will marry her. Samarth takes Muskan to temple and marries her.

Samarth tells Bhairavi that Muskan is his wife now. Kavya asks what about her, he married her first. Muskan says Kavya that she can understand her feeling and she does not have to bound in a marriage without love and is free to go back to her old life. Kavya gives her a tight slap. Samarth tries to intervene, but she stops him and says she is talking to her sister and nobody should intervene. She says Muskan that she told fake kidnap story and since childhood she always thought of only her and did not care about others. Muskan says she can understand her feelings, but should rememeber that Samarth does not love him. Kavya says that she is Samarth’s first legally wedded wife and will not let her ruin everyone’s lives. Samarth intervenes and says he is at mistake and not Muskan, he saw her eyes and knows she is not lying. Kavya asks if he does not have any responsibility towards her. He divorces her right in front of everyone. Kavya stands in a shock, devastated.

Precap: Bhairavi tells Muskan and Samarth they cannot consummate their marriage before doing kuldevi’s pooja. Samarth says he does not believe in all this. She says he has to follow family ritual and asks Mansa to take Muskan to the same room from which she eloped.

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