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Satrangi Sasural 8th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Daadi maa getting a phone call and getting tensed. Kaira asks Bua if she knows doc. Maasi calls doc. Kaira says Tai maa, Chachi maa, Maa, and Bua maa that she wants to know where daadi maa took children. They all ask her not to go to Daadi’s maa’s room as she is still unwell. Kaira forcefully goes in and sees Daadi maa shouting on someone over phone. Doc comes and asks who is patient. They all say that maa was missing for 2 months and is now behaving wieredly and tells all the incidents happened. Doc goes to daadi maa’s room and says he is a psychiatrist and asks everyone to wait outside.

Kaira informs all ladies how Daadi maa played chidiya udd, kawwa udd game with her and told if she will lose, she will tell where children and if she wins, Kaira has to do whatever she says. They all ask if maa punished her to wear white clothes after losing. Kaira says yes. Doc comes out shouting in pain and says Daadi maa gave her heavy dose of antidepression injection which he was giving it to her and now he will fall asleep soon. They all send him out asking to take care. Tai maa says this may not be our maa and may be an imposter. Other say she is wrong. Kaira says they have to accept whatever daadi maa says and have to find out where she was for 2 months. They all agree.

At midnight, Daadi maa comes to ladies’ room and sprinkles water on Chachi maa. She wakes up afraid and shouting who is it. Everyone wake up and ask Daadi maa what happened. Daadi maa asks he to come to her room and walks back. Everyone say they will accompany her. Chachi maa says maa called her and she will go, she will play game and at the least she will wear white dress. She goes to daadi’s room and asks why did she call. Daadi asks to kill mosquitoes as she is not getting sleep and warns her to not disturb her sleep. Chachi maa kills mosquitoes while other laugh peeping from window. Chachi maa goes back after sometime and they joke howmany mosquitoes she killed. She says 4. Tai maa says she told already that this is not our maa and is an imposter. Maasi asks how to find it out. Maa says Daadi maa has birth mark on her leg and if it is not there, she is an imposter. Everyone hesitate to go and check. Kaira agrees and says she will check in lieu of massaging her legs. Everyone wish her best of luck.

Kaira goes to Daadi maa’s room nervously and not finding her on room thinks she must be in washroom. Daadi maa’s phone rings and she thinks whose phone it must be. Daadi comes back and Kaira gets tensed.

Precap: Chachi maa tries to check Daadi maa’s leg mark in lieu of brooming floor. Daadi catches her and asks where is Kaira. Kaira is seen searching some address.

Written Update By H Hasan


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