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Satrangi Sasural 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and Undisclosed location
Vibha’s men place vihaan in the tub, while due to the effect of the injection administered, vihaan lies unconscious and literally paralysed. She says that she shall have to take vihaan away from his mothers, his wife and children, so that he doesnt have past flashes of memory, so that they can live together always. she decides that the money to go that far would be given by his mothers only. Vibha apologises to vihaan, as he lies in the bathtub, while she switches on the water in the tub, and it starts filling up, saying that she didnt have any other chance or option but to do this. She then places the webcam of the ptop, facing the tub, for its blackmaling use later on.

Inside, Arushi tells All people what occurred, And just how vihaan wasnt responding to her screaams way too. Vibha comes and suggests that he can continue being unconscious endlessly when they dont do what she wants. she smiles evilly, as she comes inside the home Using the law firm. she throws a file within the desk, and tells granny that she would like her to indication on them. they are all stunned. She suggests that granny must log off the entire home and wealth in her name. she blackmails them by displaying vihaan from the tub. They’re all apalled, while she continues to teases and torment that she shall eliminate vihaan should they dont comply to her needs, and if she cant have him, she would make certain that neither do they. Granny hurriedly agrees to do so, though arushi eyes vihaan inside the online video chat distraught. she then hears the azan contacting out, and recognises it as the one particular, from your masjid in girish’s locality. While vibha glows evilly as granny signs from the papers, arushi can take this convert, to stealthily leave the home. Following signing, granny asks vibha to halt this drama and acquire back their vihaan. she asks her not to be hasty. the lawyer tells vibha that they ought to hurry up, as they’ve an appointment fastened Using the registrar, so they could get the pic clicked, and indicator in front of him, so they dont deny tomorrow. All are tensed annd shocked.

Within the tub, the h2o degree commences climbing dangerously, now, masking his chest and neck, even though the guard has dosed off. Suddenyl; vihaan wakes up, and wonders whats happened to him, and why cant he scream or shift his legs and palms. He wonders how he came in this article. He attempts to strughgle for getting out, but is struggling to shift, and thinks that if he doesnt do everything in two minutes, his remaining alive would be hard.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s locality and karuna’s hideout
Jhanvi wakes up and following Considerably effortrs, she can untie herself, and trapping and fooling the goons, she locks them inside of, after which rushes out. they immediately advise karuna, who is upset and distraught. She dials her gentleman’s quantity with girish, and asks him to acquire girish to get it done in the subsequent 5 minutes, and they must go away from there instantly. He complies. The person tells girish, who may have come with a blanket masking the bomb, that he needs to detonate it ideal listed here, expressing that staying terrorists its their perform, to incite terror amongst individuals. He also warns that if this time their mission fails, then he wont ever see his family members alive, however, if he succeeds, then they shall see that his household is Secure. he is tensed, and begs for mercy, but he in its place fingers him a remote, that shall detonate the bomb. he then leaves, stating that he has five minutes to complete the get the job done. Girish starts possessing flahes of this position, in Recollections, and also the satisfied periods he expended along with his household. He’s distraught, as he eventually places his finger around the remote to push it.

Meanwhile, Arushi comes, and commences inquiring men and women if they’ve witnessed vihaan, demonstrating his pic. just after Significantly failures, she hears the azan over again, and prays into the lord, to aid her and make her meet up with vihaan. A distraught girish, hears arushi’s voice as she asks anyone, who says that he noticed vihaan in a certain course, 50 percent one hour again. He wonders why is arushi so tensed. Arushi hears intently wherer the man points. The monitor freezes on girish, arushi’s and vihaan’s tensed faces.

Precap: At the registrar’s office, granny does the formal signing off of all the property papers to vibha, and she smiles evilly. Granny again asks vibha to call her men and get the water to stop. She amusedly asks her to relax, and then dials. noone picks up the phone. she starts getting tensed. meanwhile, in the hideout, vibha’s guard beside vihaan, falls aside from his chair, down on the ground, unconscious. Vihaan meanwhile struggles badly to get out of the water. meanwhile, arushi arrives at vibha’s den, where vihaan is drowning.

Written Update By Sahir


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