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Satrangi Sasural 3rd October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Kyra’s residence
Vihaan is shocked while mamaji breaks into a guffaw, saying that she has gone mad and would he actually marry a driver,. and asks her to look at vihaan, as he too doesnt seem interesetd. she maintains her decision. he says that he wont let it happen at any cost and shall kill her before that. he says that he shall drag them to the court, and very soon the will shall lie ina pile of garbage in the dustbin. He storms out and leaves. vihaan turns to her angrily and asks whats this. She apologises that she knows he finds it weird. He says that it isnt weird, and asks if she even realised what she just said, as she isnt going to get married to him. He asks if she has gone nuts. Bebo hears this and thinks that its good that kyra came up with this brilliant idea, as she cqant marry her son to kyra due to the astrological problems. she says that the best way is to get kyra married to vihaan and let her inherit the property. Bebo says that after vihaan dies, she shall get kyra remarried to her son and get all the property to her name. Vihaan says that he came here just out of humanitarian sake but not for marriage. bebo comes in asking whats the problem if he gets married, and that its a good idea, as they both need each other. he asks what nonsense. She says that kyra shall be able to save her grandpa and in return for this, they shall give him 20 lakhs., He asks if she is trying to bury him. She tells him about Narmada’s operation that needs 20 lakhs, which he doesnt have. vihaan is tensed remembering it. Bebo says that she wants to help him, and they both shall benefit from this, as kyra shall save the property and he shall save narmada. he says that this cant be, as if he doesnt have money today, that doesnt mean he sells off his self respect, and he wont give the position of his love, to anyone else, other than arushi. He storms out. bebo comes and tells kyra that this is a brilliant idea, and asks how did she come up with it. She remembers grandpa’s dying words tensedly. without answering, she leaves. bebo is tensed.

Later, the lawyer comes and tells them that they have to act fast, as mamji has filed a petition against the will in the magistrate’s court. He says that magistrate has given the date of tomorrow itself for the first hearing. bebo asks what are the chances of accepting the petition. the lawyer says that he can give a stay on the property, and if they get kyra married by tomorrow, then the petition stands nullified, and it shall buy them a long time atleast. bebo says that this means lyra shall have to get married tomorrow. The lawyer reminds that it should be before eleven. the lawyer leaves. kyra tries vihaan’s phone but it keeps coming switched off, and says that maybe he doesnt want to get married, as he is a self-respecting man, who wont marry as he still loves his wife immensely. bebo asks that this isnt a real but a contract marriage and he has to just pretent that he is her husband and once the property is in her name, he can easily divorce her, and they are paying him for this. she asks how would this much money come before the marriage. bebo says that she has saved some from her years of servive which she wanted to give to her, as a wedding gift, as she always thought of herself as a mother, to kyra. She adds that she would give this money to vihaan. Kyra is overwhelmed and says that she has always seen her as a mother. bebo thinks that this is her investment to be able to get whatever she wants later and which kyra cant even fathom. Kyra decides to go to vihaan’s house. Bebo says that she shall try too. Kyra leaves. bebo eyes her tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan comes back to find granny praying and gets angry. She asks him not to speak like this. he says that the lord has only given pain and problems. granny asks him not to think like that, as he is the reason they are still alive and that he should be grateful too. he says that he wont believe in the lord ever. he tells that he is going to the hospital to meet narmada. he and granny are shocked to find narmada coming in with mini. They ask whats she doing here as she should have been at the hospital. Narmada sits down. Mini says that they were thrown out. vihaan asks how can they do this, and that too to a patient. He swears that he wont let them go like this. he storms out. granny asks mini to go after him, so that he doesnt do anything wrong. she hurries out.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
An enraged Vihaan grabs the doctor by the collar asking him how can he be so inhumane, as the doctors’ profession is to save lives, and not kill people, outraged at what he did to his mother. mini tries to stop, but he doesnt listen. he goes into a spree of breaking things around in frustration. The doctor calls the security and they take vihaan away. mini collapses on the floor, crying.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Later in the night, kyra comes and the children rush to her, asking if she is here to play games. They thank her addressing her as mother. She hesitates and then asks about vihaan. narmada comes and says that the police have taken him away. Kyra asks why. narmada is talking but faints midway. kyra holds her to prevent her from falling. she rushes out to take her to the hospital.

Scene 5:
Location: Hospital
As kyra will get narmada admitted, the physician is perplexed. Kyra asks him not to bother with the price, as she shall pay out. He tells about vihaan’s previously scuffle in this article And exactly how they gave him on the law enforcement. He agrees to admit her however. Kyra is shocked. Just then, bebo will come then kyra points out every little thing. she asks for The cash. bebo will get tensed and claims that she shall give the money tomorrow, and asks her to not bother for it. kyra says that if vihaan will get to learn that they paid with the operation, then he wouldnt at any time comply with acquire money from them. bebo states that she has by now talked to the priest, and she ought to be All set tomorrow, and asks her not to fret as she shall speak with vihaan and he shall agree for the wedding, as they have got to acquire married anyhow. Kyra stands boggled.

Scene 6:
Location: Police Station and hospital
The next morning, at the police station, vihaan vehemently refuses to accept the deal. bebo tries to emotionally blackmail vihaan. bebo tells that his mother’s pre-op procedures are being done, and if they dont get the money, it shall stop. vihaan sits tensedly. She forces vihaan into thinking that his mother is on the deathbed and that she shall be denied immediate surgery if he isnt able to pay the money. she also tells how kyra shall be affected if mamaji gets the property, as he shall not only inherit everything but also throw the little girl out of the house, helplessly, and that she has always been raised up singly by her grandpa and she wouldnt have anywhere to go to, and would come on the streets. Bebo tells him that now everything depends on him, as one right decision shall save narmada and kyra’s life. He sits tensed.

At the hospital, granny and others are tensed thinking that when the money has been deposited according to vihaan, then why arent they starting the operation, as she is deteriorating with passing time. They are boggled as to whats going on. They wonder where is vihaan. Mini is tensed as she remembers vihaan being taken away and goes aside. mini calls up, asking vihaan hurriedly where is he and that the doctors are waiting for his okay to proceed for the surgery and asks why hasnt he given his consent yet, as narmada is very critical and they shall have to save her or else they shall lose her like arushi. She asks him to hurry up. he is depressed and distraught, wondering what to do. he tells her that he is coming and asks her not to worry. bebo smiles. Finally, he takes the tough call to marry kyra to be able to arrange money to save his mother.

Scene 7:
Location: Magistrate’s office
The lawyer meanwhile desperately hopes that kyra has married before th hearing begins. mamji comes and the lawyer asks him whats he doing here and where are his clients. the lawyer says that he has come here to stop him from taking kyra’s property. mamji says that it was, is and always shall be his only. He eyes the lawyer angrily.

Scene 8
Location: At the temple

While kyra waits anxiously during the temple, along with her close friends, pondering wherever is bebo as this was the time they had been speculated to satisfy, and ias boggled no matter if this relationship shall materialize currently or not. Then kyra lastly finds vihaan obtaining up the measures of your temple, as he remembers his first relationship, as he walks in a very daze with no even realising what He’s performing. They sit within the mandap for the wedding. they face each other with jaimalas, equally tensed. the display freezes on both equally their faces.

Precap: As vihaan and kyra return to the house, Together with the jaimala, as well as vermillion on her forehead, geeta vents out her anger viewing kyra, indicating that she has the audacity to come here after what she did and its excellent that she came, as her insult was long overdue, And eventually she herself got the chance to teach her a lesson. She’s going to elevate her hand to slap kyra, when vihaan stops her, by holding her hand. she plus the Other individuals are stunned. Vihaan hesitaes and fumbles to talk, and after that eventually kyra speaks out which they bought married. This shocks Everybody out in their wits.

Written Update By Sahir