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Satrangi Sasural 3rd November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Grounds
Vihaan helps kyra to drink the water while she anxiously and with anticipation as he pulls the glass close. maat performs the rituals meanwhile, so that the electrical wires right overhead on vihaan start carrying charge. Vihaan holds up the glass right to her lips. She is about to drink it, when the electrical wires fall on himm electrocuting him, while he falls on the ground, unconscious and the glass falls away. kyra eyes him shocked, distraught and apalled. All rush to him, shocked and stunned, while bebo smiles. ladies comment that he haas stopped breathing. they are all shocked. mini rushes to go to the doctor. Narmada shoves kyra away, asking her not to even dare to come close to him. Kyra asks them to shut up and stand apart, and says that he isnt dead, and she knows well what to do in this situation. she starts giving him cardiac compressions, while the mothers and kyra beg him to open his eyes, but he doesnt, to their horror. bebo evilly smiles. Meanwhile, Maata smiles and says that he wont live on now. Bebo thinks that finally maata proved her worth and finally she did something, that deserves recognition and reward and that with vihaan gone, her plan shall be implemented now. Kyra suddenly gets an idea, saying that she has no other choice. She takes on her dupatta and then drapes it over her head and gets on vihaan, and then covers them both, while giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation, to revive him back. all are shocked, while waiting anxiously and nervously to see the effect. bebo is shocked. As kyra gets up, and draws her dupatta away, all are relieved surprisingly to find vihaan being revived back, as he gasps for breath and struggles to breathe.

Narmada throws her plate of foodstuff away whilst kyra is stunned. She asks her never to faux as she will be able to idiot any individual, but not her, as she is an evil spirit. Kyra is shocked.

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Written Update By Rimjhim


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