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Satrangi Sasural 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

 Scene one:

Locale: Vihaan’s residence
Each morning, vihaan receives up late to your information, asking him to wake up as its six o clock. he fumes, butthen cools down when he finds that she has looked after his every require. He leaves to freshen up. Vibha comes in and much like a spouse, she sets vihaan;s items after which you can this area. She finds arushi’s notes, which is stunned regarding how she will be able to check with her personal spouse rudely. She eyes vihaan’s stuff lustily that she must have had the fortunate luck of getting a husband like him, in order that she could havwe appreciated like arushi. She leaves Listening to some sound. When vihaan will come out on the bathrooom, he finds that anything is so neatly orgnised.

Mini is tensed, and stunned when she is aware of that there’s an internet based profile of hers heading close to on the web, with people contacting for her. She calls within the kitchen area, when hears raunak’s contact. raunak tells that the subsequent time, sshe really should Believe 2 times in advance of telling somebody that she is unwanted, and that’s why he had to show it to her. She asks if he has gone mad, and he claims this is just a social experiment, who subjectiuve and goal is her only. she asks him never to meddle in her affairs. She asks him to depart her by itself. just then, granny also checks her profile, and afterwards confronts mini indicating that This implies she is Bobby. She asks if she positioned a matrimonial advertisement, without asking any individual. They’re stunned, when she stands together with her head hung lower.

Scene two:
Site: Girish’s residence
Girish and Other folks are really tensed. The Lady wakes up in her room, only to DREAM a murder endeavor and that she wakes up totally fearful. Kasturi arrives and right away assures her, declaring that she is right right here. Jhanvi isnt ready to Allow gbo, whilst kasturi finds that she is operating high temp and goes to choose antibiotics for her. Jhanvi eremembers that she cant take any meds as a result of her ailment. Kasturi will come and gives her meds, but she by some means manages in order to avoid weating it. girish notices this and receives tensed. When kasturi leaves, girish confronts her but she doesnt divulge nearly anything. He reprimands her for the same, whilst a simply call keeps ringing on her mobile. She leaves for the toilet, as she straight away gets nauseous. girish notes down the amount, decided that she shall learn about her previous.

Scene three:
Spot: Vihaan’s Business
Another early morning, all congratulate arushi for her advertising, and she gives a pep chat then asks the employees for getting back again to work. Meanwhile, the peon tells arushi thsat vihaan features a headache. to furhter tease him, arushi sends a pill, rather than heading herself. vihaan teases arushi back again about a chit information, although she says that she didnt produce it. when vihaan will get tensed, and traces it back again, and abruptly arushi gets tensed with a few revelation. The display screen freezes on her face.

Precap: both of those arushi and vihaan confront vibha sternly asking why she tamperede with arushi’s passionate message.

Written Update By Sahir



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