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Satrangi Sasural 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Seeing arushi busy on phone with kasturi, talking about girirsh’s disappearance, vibha stealthily takes the girl out, but isnt able to go outside,s eeing the watchman and then comes back in, going to the room, with the baby. she hears vihaan screaming for her, and gets scared, that vihaan is coming this side and if he sees her with the child, then there would be a huge problem. she hastily rushes to the laundry room, and places the child, inside the washing machine, so that the child isnt seen, and also places clothes on top of her. just when she is done, he comes in and finds her flustered, and then asks whats she doing here. She gets tensed, and then makes an excuse. the maid comes in just then, to say that she is just planning to turn the washing machine on. Vibha is shocked. Vihaan asks her to come along, as he has an important work from her, eyeing her tensedly. she follows resignedly. the maid comes and finds the machine loaded, and covers the lid, and then takes the switch to begin with the washing process, oblivious of the child inside.

Meanwhile, Arushi asks kasturi to calm down, as they must hev gone around and says that she shall try girish and jhanvi’s number. She cancels the call. She is still tensed for girish and jhanvi. She comes back, sees the cribs and finds one of the children gone, and wonders where she went. arushi finds one of them, gone and is shocked wondering where could they be. She calls the mothers and they too are tensed. they get to searching.

In the laundry room, while the maid is about to switch the power on, geeta comes and asks if she saw the child. When she gets to know about the child’s disappearance, the maid rushes out to search along with geeta.

Meanwhile, vihaan in their room, tells vibha that he wont take these tablets anymore, as they arent doing him any good. She is shocked. he says that he has studied on the internet himself. She says that the doctor prescribed it, and he asks her to produce the prescription. she asks if he is doubting her. he says that its not that, but its true that he would love to get the trust. She falters and tries to talk, but he asks her not to dare touch him, as he jerks her hand away. They both are surprised as they find arushi standing in the doorway. crying about her baby. Vihaan rushes out with her tensed. vibha smiles evilly.

In the drawing area, all are tensed concerning the place she went. the watchman says that noone took it out. granny suggests that this means the child is in your home. arushi blames herself, declaring that she still left them unattended, as she didnt wish to disturb them While using the cellphone contact, but when she arrived back, one was missing. Granny asks her to tranquil down as she isnt at fault. She suggests that they should ask vibha as she unquestionably have to have accomplished one thing. He’s tensed and asks why vibha would do such a thing, and asks her to quiet down, knowledge that she is in pressure, and assures they shall discover the toddler. they get to browsing. In conjunction with vihaan and granny, arushi prays towards the lord, asking him to maintain the child Harmless. All of a sudden she says that twins have siamese response, during which if one particular is damage another reflects it far too in his/ her expression. graany asks what does she mean and whats she trying to say. She suggests that maybe if he cries, then his sister shall cry much too, and after that possibly they trace the voice back again, then they could uncover. She talks to her son, praying him that he has to safeguard his sister, as she tied him rakhi currently and asks him to receive her back anyhow. meanwhile, vihaan rushes for the laundry room and searches in the tubs of filthy clothing, whilst arushi prays fervently. Arushi prays that the child cries, even though granny caresses her. Instantly the boy cries, and arushi receives a glimmer of hope. Within the response, the sister trapped inside the washing device too begins crying, and vihaan is stunned as he finds the voice coming with the equipment. he opens it and is also distraught to locate the toddler inside. He hurriedly grabs her out, and then assures her that very little has occurred, whilst he has tears hanging down his encounter. instantly, he feels an immense surge of fatherly love toward the kid, after which rushes out, Keeping the kid. The moms are overjoyed since they locate the kid in vihaan’s arms. Arushi is relieved and overjoyed simultaneously, as she hungrily grabs for the child. He’s relieved. the mothers pray and after that are certain that brother sister bond grew more powerful. priyanka asks where by he found it. When he tells them, They can be all apalled and shocked. He miracles who can make this happen evil issue, to start with the Are living wires after which you can the newborn within the equipment, as an individual is intentionally trying to get rid of arushi and the child. Vibha that has appear and hears all this is shocked and tensed. Mini speaks up declaring that she knows who’s it. She along with priyanka leaves soon after signalling her. Arushi is shocked, while the mothers are apalled. they both of those go and grab vibha and current her to him, stating that if he wishes to know, then she could be the perpetrator. He’s stunned, asking them What exactly are they performing. Vibha says that they’re all lying. priyanka, not able to just take it any longer, presents her a good slap, and then provides to him this girl isnt his spouse. He’s boggled. Granny and arushi and Other individuals are tensed for his wellness. priyanka claims that she has the religion, that vihaan has the capacity to hear and bear the truth. narmada way too states that this Woman isnt his wife, and is particularly taking advantage of his affliction, and They only fell weak within a moment. Harpreet is shocked with the lowlife that she is, then geeta suggests that he planned to know who is arushi’s partner, who deserted her. she is about to say, when Vibha tells him that they are all lying, as she will be able to show it. In the meantime, he begins receiving dizzy, and they’re all shocked. She goes into the gate and after that asks the individual to return in. As a person enters, all check out in anticipation concerning that’s it. As they see him, They’re baffled, even though he faces them tersely. Vibha turns towards the girls as the man comes in closer. Granny asks who is this guy. Vibha states this is the person who was having this boy or girl, and when he imagined he could well be caught, he place the child from the washing machine. All are boggled and baffled as to what’s vibha upto. geeta asks who Is that this and why would he wish to steal the child. Vibha shocks them all indicating that he is The daddy of the kid. arushi is disgusted. Vihaan stands baffled and shocked too. granny asks vibha whats this nonsense, as vibha provides this is arushi’s spouse. they are outraged. he far too performs the part apologising to arushi, referring to her as his spouse. the screen freezes on arushi’s furious face.

Precap: Vibha asks the man, who retains them at gunpoint, even though arushi along with the moms are stunned, incorporating that they need to be locked inside of, till she leaves with vihaan from this dwelling. he complies and locks them, Keeping them at gunpoint. IN their area, vihaan tells vibha that he doesnt think that particular person is arushi’s spouse and decides to go Check out on her at the time. But vibha stops him expressing that he is not nicely, and shouldnt anxiety himself. but he jerks her off, and attempts to go. But she shoves an injection in his back again, and he feels a unexpected pierce and will get dizzy. Meanwhile, Arushi suggests that she wont Permit it transpire, as she cant Allow vihaan choose vibha. the moms are stunned. meanwhile, vihaan commences strolling inside a daze with vibha, even though she retains inputting that he’s leaving the house, but noone is least bothered. But abruptly even from the semi-unconscious point out, he retains his feet and stops. vibha is stunned and tensed.

Written Update By Sahir


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