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Satrangi Sasural 28th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Narmada eyes the pic of their family with arushi, in her trunk, and then thinks that she cant be the cause of any more trouble to her family, and decides to take off, packing her stuff. She finds the children playing in the room. Narmada kisses the children, and is in tears. they ask if she is going anywhere. she says that she is going to get them lots of gifts. they too excitedly ask if they can tag along. she says that where she is going, children arent allowed, and says that when she returns, she shall get lots of gifts for them. She says that she shall miss them and hence is in tears, and asks them not to tell anyone, or else the surprise shall be ruined. She leaves tearfully.

Afterwards, granny calls up harpreet and geeta asking where by narmada went, as she should have taken her meds and slept by now. the children rush to granny, and he or she asks them if narmnada explained to nearly anything to them. they eye one another and remembering what narmada advised, they are saying they dont know anything. Granny is tensed. She finds them smirking, and check with why are they laughing. they say that they have already been questioned by narmada not to inform anyone. She asks what. They inform whatever they had been instructed by narmada. All are tensed. As granny is super tensed, geeta callously opinions that she is long gone permanently, as they wont have to bother with her now, as she doesnt hassle about them as it really is. Granny is stunned and Just about raises her hand on geeta, but checks herself just in time. harpreet and mini are surprised, when geeta is furious. In her in shape of anger, geeta starts off breaking and thrashing issues close to, as she bought the actual picture of where by she stands inside the family members, as granny even attempted to hit her nowadays, after all her energy to help keep the house operating. mini states that granny didnt do it deliberately, since it have to have already been by oversight. unconvinced, she asks mini to inform granny to apologise to her, or else she shall go away the house too. granny asks her to do whichever she wishes to, but she wont get an apology from her. She asks if she goes overboard with her conduct, and just because no one is saying everything, she would go on unstopped. she asks geeta why has she turned so hasrh, and miracles what matter stung narmada that she was forcved to leave. she is very tensed for narmada. geeta asks her tno discuss clearly, that she feels narmada went due to geeta. she states that she shall try to find her, and wont move inside th hosue until she doesnt get her. Geeta also storms away from your house. Granny asks mini to simply call vihaan, as he must know now whats taking place basically, and how his moms have entirely fallen aside, since arushi left. Mini is tensed.

Scene two:
Location: To the road
Vihaan drives on carefully but will get alert, when he hears kiara cribbing about vihaan, his mothers, the downmarket locality, he lived in. Boggled, he requires a glance while in the mirror, and finds her, and is shocked, as she pulls the vehicle to the stop. The telephone falls off, and so they both are shocked to discover one another. both of those are enraged, even though she anrgily asks if He’s in this article to just take revenge and asks how could he stoop so lower. He suggests that experienced he regarded, he was for being her driver, he under no circumstances would have taken the job. She suggests that had she recognized he was the driving force, then she might have favored a rickshaw. He states thats what precisely it should be, as thats whats going to happen now, as he leaves The work at once. he will get down from your vehicle. she’s astonished. he commences leaving off. she goes immediately after him, asking him if he has any humanity, as he cant go away her all on your own. He states that he doesnt have any compassion or humanity, as he is a demon branded by her only. she also with delight, asks him to go, as she isnt worried, and asks him to visit hell. She says that she shall complain about him to granny, As well as in her fury, she normally takes out her telephone and attempts to dial, but finds the telephone isnt obtaining through. She doesnt find any network.

Within the highway, Bebo’s son hides in a length, and thinks following viewing kiara, that his do the job just bought less complicated. he phone calls his close friends and asks them to come at GT road. Later, Kiara is surrounded by goons, who circle close to her, in motorbikes. She will get tensed. bebo’s son phone calls up bebo that every little thing is occurring to her program. She congratulates him and asks him to get on with it. He cancels the call, and after that relates to display his experience in The sunshine, as he eyes her leeringly thinking that the Woman is sweet, and whilst his mom enjoys her prosperity, he shall get pleasure from her. he eys her staying teased through the goons, whle she is terrified. eventually, one of them will come upto her, and strategies her with leering eyes. Just as He’s about to touch her, vihaan comes in and stops his hand. She eyes him overwhelmingly. Observing from the distance, sunny is stunned. Vihaan fights off every one of the goons, although they run absent. kiara pretends that she didnt will need him, as she could have managed on her own, considering the fact that she knows kungfu. he hollers at them to return and have her, as he goes. She will get scared. She asks him to Permit be, as she is aware slightly kungfu. he asks her to take a seat silent, as she chatters on incessantly. She presumes that he experienced known as the goons, to make sure that he could impress her for a hero. He asks if she thinks so. she suggests that she doesnt believe anyone. he asks her to have in the car, as he would fall her off for the lodge. She claims that she doesnt want to go there now, as she wishes to go property. Annoyed, he says that if she opens her mouth after, he shall depart her appropriate there, and then she can help you save herself from each of the goons, together with her kungfu. frustratedly and resignedly, she sits.

Scene 3:
Location: Kiara’s home
As he drops her off at the lodge, she many thanks him dryly, after which receives out. He arrives out and provides her the keys. Kiara asks In case the employer is always to be presented the keys, and asks him to offer it to some servant. she storms inside. As kiara arrives within, Bebo finds her dwelling Safe and sound and seem. bebo thinks that she and her son obtained successful within their entice. She asks kiara what occurred. she talks about how she was stranded, while in the goons, after which how bought Absolutely everyone flat and for the operate. She then finds vihaan guiding her, Along with the keys. kiara blurts out the truth, and then suggests that it absolutely was the driving force, and after that adds that she didnt get the chance to thwart them off. bebo wonders if he saved kiara then what was her son carrying out. kiara leaves to inform grandpa. bebo eyes vihaan sternly, who experienced arrive at give the keys. Kiara’s screams rattle them all. they rush in the direction of there. Kiara finds granny unconscious within the bed, and gets berserk, stating that practically nothing can transpire to him. the monitor freezes on her distraught confront.

Precap: Vihaan and kiara do a promotional ad for Laajwanti. Vihaan tells kiara to calm down as nothing is going to happen to her grandpa. She breaks down in front of vihaan, and finds solace in his arms and shoulders. bebo is surprised. vihaan is boggled as to what to do, as he raises his hands to hug and comfort her back. bebo eyes this and is tensed.

Written Update By Sahir


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