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Satrangi Sasural 25th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Kaira’s residence
Narmada wakes up with a dream about arushi, in the middle of the night, and opens the door and goes out. Mini hears the sound and gets up. She goes after her rushingly. narmada starts wandering on the streets, babbling that arushi is in danger, and that she shall just come, and asks arushi not to be scared. mini goes after her. narmada thinks that arushi’s voice is coming from the well, and gets up on the boundary wall. Mini is shocked. Narmada is about to jump in, when at the last minute, mini stops her, and despite her struggle manages to get naramada down, begging her to come down. narmada finally coems down, but keeps going berserk that she has to save arushi. Mini tells her that there’s noone here, and arushi is dead. narmada keeps frantically proclaiming that she wants arushi, and mini is apalled.

When they bring her back, geeta angrily reprimands her if she has gone mad. They are allupset with the way she talks to narmada. geeta says that either she is mad, or she shall make them amad, and asks her to go die in the well, for all she cares. Harpreet asks why is she talking like this to narmada. Geeta shuts her up, saying that they are slogging, anbd cant even rest in night, as nights are for sleeping not to bear her madness. narmada says that she isnt mad, as arushi was shouting. Geeta tries to raise her hand, shocking granny and others. harpreet stops her askingher not to even dare touch her. granny asks them to prevent, and asks why this drama as They may be always combating, and Let’s say vihaan wakes up, as he isn’t being explained to. she asks whats wrong with geeta and if she cant see that naramad will not be well, and is particularly in shock. geeta wards it off, stating that she is just dframatising, and asks granny to generally be silent also, as they’ve tried her way plenty of, and wherever it’s got led them. she asks until when shall they conceal this from vihaan as they should confront the situation upfront and not shy from it. harpreet asks that This can be the peak of shamelessly for being conversing such as this to granny. geeta asks all of them to drop by hell and goes in. granny begs narmada not To accomplish this yet again, as what would’ve they carried out, had anything at all took place to them. Narmada hugs her, and says that she isnt mad, as she basically listened to arushi. granny consoles her. Dolly sees it as a result of her window, and thinks that narmada’s affliction is worsening, and only she has the splution. she says that noone shall listen to them, apart from geeta, and decides to go and speak with her concerning this.

Vihaan sits by manohar’s bedside, as he is extremely sick and ill. A guy comes and tells manohar of a new job assignment that he found for him, and says that he needs to join today. Manohar agrees. Vihaan says that he isnt in the frame of health to be joining and should just rest. Manohar says that he has got the first work in months, and he shouldnt let it go, as he has been jobless for months. the guy asks him to do whatever he wants, and gives him the address if he agrees to go. the guy leaves. Vihaan asks for the address. vihaan says that he shall go for somedays instead of him. Manohar is shocked and says that he cant allow that. Vihaan insists. manohar says that he shall take meds, and go. but vihaan continues on. manohar, with folded hands, says that he shall not to be able to forgive himself ever. Vihaan takes the address and then leaves. Granny confronts vihaan. he fumbles and starts to speak, but granny says that she understands everything and that the work isnt good or bad, but people are. She asks him to be good in whatever he does, and blesses him. he leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Kiara’s reisdence

The man comes to bebo, who says that problem have improved quickly, and that’s why he was called suddenly way too. She tells about kiara’s uncle’s take a look at, and grandpa’s conclusion to marry kiara and give anything to her, and afterwards all of her initiatives and slogging every one of these yrs shall go in vain. she suggests that she cant let it come about, as she cabnt let almost everything go kiara and her uncle. he states that nothing at all such as this shall materialize. She asks him to be careful in what he does.

The next morning, kiara eyes the cardboard and thinks that she has terribly wronged vihaan and should go and apologise. Grandpa comes and clicks a pic, of hers, for any matrimonial profile. she’s irritated indicating that she doesnt desire to get married. he asks if she is in like, that’s why the resistance and asks who she enjoys, as he shall get her married to him only. She asks whats this most recent insanity. he says that he just wants to learn about her boyfriend. she jokes about this. He proceeds to badger on, annoying her, expressing that she doesnt need to have any one at this moment. she suggests that currently being the standard mamnnered Lady on account of him, she cant Have got a boyfriend, and wont go any where with no him. He wonders what to do now, and perhaps if he died, she would get married now. She is tensed and stunned. She hugs him and asks him not to talk like that, as she has noone else. he claims that his life is unsure now, and claims that its his need to see her having married, before he dies. She asks if He’s expressing this as a consequence of mamaji. He complies. bebo is available in. He says that he cant have faith in her uncle, as He’s a risky beast and as a result wishes her to marry shortly. kiara states that marriage isnt a solution. He says that he shall cease feeding on, if she doesnt listen to him. she is helpless and states that she shall do no matter what he claims, but he really should eat. they hug one another Fortunately. bebo is concerned. he states that because of her compliance, he would like her to present a present, and asks bebo to go to the safe and provides kiara one lakh. Shee is pleased, although bebo stands worried and tensed. but she comples. kiara excitesdly claims that she she would purchase a designer bag and expend the remaining money to order food stuff for inadequate Youngsters, as that offers her A lot pleasure.

Meanwhile, bebo goes into the Risk-free and eyes The cash greedily, after which can take out bundles of cash. She thinks some far more days, after which she wouldnt have to handle petty theft, as this is all heading to be hers shortly, as whatevre was kiara shall be her son’s and what ever was her son’s, shall be hers. she says that for the previous 20 years she has become bearing this sick mannered Woman, and now she shall soon grow to be the queen of the home rather than the caretaker. She says that kiara shall get married, but shall see how she will get married to anybody aside from her son.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road

geeta and dolly forcibly would make narmada sit down, for many black magic ritual to push absent evil spirits, when she keeps protesting that shen isnt mad. geeta asks the tantric to carry out something complete proof to drive absent no matter what is bothering narmada, so that she stops seeing arushi’s ghost.

Meanwhile, in the vehicle, the ladies check with kiara if she is sure that she would like to apologise. she says that she continues to be Doubtful that vihaan basically experienced arrive at apologise only. They discover it Odd that she wants to apologise. she states that she appreciates, but she desires to go, as she is familiar with the things they did was extreme. they comply to her would like. she gets down the vehicle. Kiara eyes the fake tantric doing some spells on narmada over the road, with geeta’s supervision. she turns the man all around after which hits him restricted throughout his confront. he rushes off from there. The screen freezes on kiara’s confront.

Precap: An angry geeta stops kiara. Then she grabs hold of geeta in anger. But vihaan stops her hand by holding it in between. She is surprised to see him. Vihaan asks how dare she raise her hand at his mother. Enraged, geeta asks if he knows her. He identifies her as the same woman who had planned to hit him with her gang. meanwhile, narmada with her open hairs, and in a dazed state eye them all boggled and tensed.

Written Update By Sahir


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