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Satrangi Sasural 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene one:
Area: At the temple and vihaan’s home

Vihaan remembers the direction in the direction of the tree, effectively, Considerably to her joy. They hurry toward the tree. Arushi describes the ritual with the tree to him, and he asks iuf she thinks Within this. she complies, saying that the last time, he did this, and wished for one thing, he obtained it. She asks if he would want to test again. he is boggled as he requires the coin, and all over again goes near the tree.

In the meantime, vibha has problems respiration, which is nauseous and dizzy. manohar sees this and receives tensed for her. he opens the doorway. vibha wakes up evilly. he attempts to stop her, but she operates out. He thinks that she’s a witch.

Vihaan does precisely the same ritual another time, with the tree. Arushi eyes him overwhelmingly hopeful. He starts off remembering getting carried out this ahead of way too, as he has memory flashes. Both of those are on the other hand oblivious that vibha is climbing up the stairs, to search out vihaan. Vihaan In the meantime has flashes of all of his Recollections of time invested with arushi, even though hazy still seen, until enough time they bought separated underneath drinking water. He sites the coin, and it sticks into the tree. He opens his eyes, and arushi is amazingly happy. When he wakes up that has a startle, he seems to be at her shocked, whilst she waits for his response and response. she asks if he is ok, as he would seem restless, and asks if he rememberede anything at all back. he stands speechless. She is extremely concerned. quickly, he begins muttering, while she has tears in her eyes. He starts off singing their track another time, Jeena Yahaan, Marna Yahaan. She is confused. vibha watches them from the length and it is stunned and outraged. Arushi thanks the lord which the day isnt significantly when vihaan remembers anything back, and desires that their boy or girl initially plays in his father’s arms. Just then, vihaan will get dizzy and falls unconscious on the ground. Arushi is shocked and asks him to open his eyes. Vibha attempts to contact him, but arushi warns her never to. vibha asks if she thinks she is sensible, Which she wont have the ability to snatch her vihaan from her. arushi gets into a rage, and slaps her tight around the encounter, warning her never to utter vihaan’s name as her husband, and asks how can she be so shameless as to lie within the temple. abruptly, vihaan wakes up screaming arushi’s name. Both equally the ladies are shocked. Arushi asks if he remembered anything at all. vihaan asks what occurred. Arushi reminds him what occurred ahead of he went unconscious and asks if he rememberede something. he says that he fell dizzy. vibha miracles what he remembered. he says that he experienced hazy flashbacks, but couldnt see Plainly. He requires arushi’s hand in his, and asks her to acquire him household, as he isnt emotion very well. She complies and usually takes him from there. vibha stands distraught.

Scene 2:

Locale: girish’s home

Jhanvi is cleaning karuna’s place, getting it in a complete mess, where she unintentionally opens the suitcase, and finds wads of notes inside it. jhanvi miracles if karuna has a great deal dollars then why is she keeping below, as her spouse had supposedly taken all the things, then why is she preserving so much dollars from the suitcase. She thinks that she need to learn about karuna much more, and decides what to do, and will she explain to to kasturi, as she cant out the loved ones at risk, the a single who supported her in her dire require, she cant betray them now. she miracles whether to tell girish or kasturi 1st. she is tensed.

Downstairs, Kasturi talks to arushi, and asks her to be mindful and cautious in whatever she does. she’s tensed for her daughter. Karuna asks her not to fret, as from what she is aware of about arushi, she is strong and has the will electrical power to encounter this and conquer successfully. Jhanvi arrives searching tensed. karuna arms the newborn to jhanvi and goes up. girish goes immediately after her in tow. Jhanvi wonders why he went soon after her, boggled.

Scene three:

Place: Vihaan’s home

The medical doctor claims that there’s a good news and also a undesirable information. They’re tensed. the doctor states that The excellent news is vihaan’s condition is bettering and he is remembering outdated issues. He states the negative news is that this incident has brought on him extreme wellness backdrop, mainly because it brought back Reminiscences, and his BP went abnormally large, on account of which he fainted, as well as a recurrence of the incident may induec a coronary heart assault. He asks them never to force vihaan into remembering anything, and if this kind of an incidence happens once again, he must be right away termed. They agree. the medical doctor leaves. The mothers leave tensedly. vibha is remaining by yourself, when vihaan sleeps. She eyss the fresh batch of meds evilly, thinking that she wont Allow arushi’s desire be fulfilled at any time, as tampering Along with the meds wasnt suitable totally finished by arushi, as she would now just boost the dose to two tablets than a person. She suggests that she would throw arushi before long outside of the house, and may well even destroy her if she has to.

Later on during the night time, arushi is guilty that her stress triggered vihaan’s unconsciousness. Narmada asks her not to worry, as vihaan has created a considerable progress, and shall before long remember everything, as fate and estiny land them another opportunity to make him try to remember what he rememberede hazy these days. vibha comes from driving and says that observing goals is sweet, Nonetheless they shouldnt hope for fulfilling them, as its idicoy. All are tensed, which includes narmada and arushi. She offers arushi, her anklet that she forgot close to their almirah. All are stunned to check out it together with arushi. Vibha displays it to her evillyand then offers, inquiring if she truly thought that she would alter the tablets and she wont learn about it, as she was an fool to Believe so, and tells her regarding how she has doubles the dosage. These are apalled and distraught. geeta as well as other moms check with her to not hurt vihaan. Vibha claims that she wont, but then they must prevent siding with arushi, like she’s sidelined from this, then they’re able to Reside peacefully together. granny states this is extremely hard. Vibha asks them to face the consequences then and reminds them that its vihaan’s anniversary. arushi lights up saying that its the day of her and her vihaan’s relationship, and she or he cant neglect it at any time. Vibha tells arushi that tomorrow’s date she shall don’t forget forevere, as vihaan and he or she shall unite for good, by consummating their relationship. Arushi is distraught to listen to this, when all mothers are shocked. Vibha claims that she experienced promised arushi that she would just take away every little thing, and now she is only one action at the rear of her, and tomorrow, that shall vanish way too. they are stunned. The screen freezes on arushi’s distraught facial area.

Precap: Vihaan is amazed, as he comes down and vibha clings to him, before All people and then suggests that arushi tried to get rid of her, by supplying her poison. He asks why would arushi do that. vibha proceeds to vehemently say it. Granny and the mothers are shocked, while arushi is bewildered. Vibha lunges for arushi’s throat, and starts to gag her, A great deal to their shock. vihaan asks vibha to leave her as arushi is pregnant. When she doesnt budge, and proceeds to suffocate arushi, vihaan slaps vibha limited across her confront.

Written Update By Sahir


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