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Satrangi Sasural 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural watch online

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
While all mothers are sound asleep, granny is up and awake, tensed and worried, for kyra and vihaan’s safety. she is surprised to see arhaan and aru in front of her. The children rush to her, and ask her to tell a story, as they arent feeling sleepy, she tells them the story of savitri and satyavaan, the wife who got back her husband’s life from death. The children hear intently. She talks about the obstacles, that savitri faced one by one, and surmounted.

Scene 2:
Location: Jungles
The sardaar and kyra rush after vihaan and mili, through the dark jungles, wondering where is she taking him. They finally lose track of mili and vihaan, and come to a lighted place, near the kali idol, all alight, while vihaan and mili are nowhere to be seen. They wonder where mili took vihaan. From behind, mili hits the sardaar and he falls on the ground unconscious. Kyra is shocked. She says that she knew kyra would be following them, and asks them to go home, as if she doesnt comply to her order, then she would kill his vihaan. She asks her to go home and prepare for the divorce as if she doesnt do so, then vihaan wouldnt survive. Meanwhile, vihaan leans against the tree for support.

Just then, mili gets trapped in the net, as she desperately tries to struggle free. the sardaar gets up, after having trapped mili, and mili screams at vihaan to rush from there, while he is aghast to see her like that. He complies. The sardaar asks kyra to rush after him, as if they dont catch him, then she wouldnt be able to save vihaan. Kyra says that if she goes right now, then she wouldnt be able to know where is the real vihaan. the sardaar coaxes her and asks her to go, as saving vihaan is the priority right now, and hence they shouldnt get him to go. kyra complies, and rushes after him. As she rushes, she gets hit, in the air, and wonders whats the matter. the sardaar says that there might be some invisible wall, thats blocking her way. mili says that this wall shall never let her reach vihaan, as he is in a place where she can never go, a mystical place, of spirits and witches, where humans cant reach. Just then, the sardaar hits mili, and she fumingly eyes her. Kyra eyes the road ahead helplessly. They tie mili with a tree, and place a holy coconut in front of her, asking her not to use the dark powers, as they would be in vain. Kyra asks the sardaar how do they cross the wall now. they get to the temple, and start praying. The sardaar blindfolds himself, and when kyra asks whats she doing, he responds that he is heightening her senses, to get a soltuion. He waits for sometime and then opens his blindfold. they look up at the idol, and much to mili’s surprise, he gets a flower in her hand, and finds it as the solution. mili is frustrated. The sardaar tells kyra that this flower shall help her cross the invisible wall and she would be able to go past it, in the mystical place. the sardaar asks what world is it, she doesnt have a clue, but there would be obstacles, and dark forces, that try to oppose her, from her mainh task but she needs to keep going on. He says that there is something very magical and powerful that shall try to distract her, but she shouldnt, and that she has to be in the hope of finding vihaan always, and keeps her trust on the truth and the lord, as if she doesnt, then she would lose herself. He tells her that the minute she starts going on the right path, the diyas shall alight themselves one by one. Kyra asks if she wont come. the sardaar says that her soul shall be with her, but her body here, to keep track of mili. She says that if mili escapes, she wouldnt let her meet vihaan. kyra complies. The sardaar says that she has to remember that she has to be back in the world before sunrise, whether she gets vihaan or not, as if she doesnt, then she wouldnt be able to return back, and be stuck there for centuries. kyra says that this wont happen, and she shall get vihaan back. the sardaar then gives her a packet, saying that she should open it, only when she needs some answers. Kyra asks when would she know the right time to open the packet. The sardaar says that she shall know, and asks her to go. kyra takes the flower, and much to mili’s horror and shock, she goes past it, and vanishes into thin air. the sardaar is pleased, and prays to the lord to save kyra and keep her alive.

Scene 3:
Location: Mystical PLace
Kyra arrives in the strange land, and starts hollering for vihaan, but with no response. She finds two ways and wonders which one to take. She takes the one that seems more difficult,. as she uses the logic, that nothing is attainable easily in life. She crosses her path, while thorns and boulders stop her way, but she moves on. This lights up one of the diyas, and the sardaar is pleased thanking the lord, that kyra is on the right track. Mili is completely frustrated.

Meanwhile, vihaan is completely dishevelled and distraught, as he enters the chamber, of mili’s godmother, who is in her meditation ardently, and collapses on the ground. she is boggled to find him here, and that too without mili, which is a sign of concern. She thinks that now is the time, to give vihaan the last wound. She comes upto the fake vihaan and picks him, up, while he walks in a daze, and walks out with her, through a door.

Kyra meanwhile arrives next to a boiling bubbling river, beside which around the rocks, a cloth, engraved sith the letter V, she finds, and deduces that he is somewhere near. she feels thirsty and eyes the water ahead. She tries to put her hand in the water, and when she takes it, she finds a mangalsutra in her hand, and lets go of it, thinking of it as the hallucination, that the sardaar had warned her about. She thinks that she has only 3 hours, and that she has to be calm and no restless, and that she wont go without vihaan at any cost. She starts walking ahead, down the road, searching and hollering for vihaan, tensedf and anxious. She falls into a pit, accidentally, and the diya douses off. mili is amused, while the sardaar begs for her help. mili taunts the sardaar that this means kyra is stuck, and that they wont survive now at any cost. Kyra meanwhile wonders how she fell here, as she eyes herself in the square pit, and tries hard to get out of it, but is unable to, as she keeps falling back. She eyes herself around, boggled and tensed.

Precap: Mili comes and lunges at the sardaar’s throat from behind, while she struggles to get out of her grip. Meanwhile, kyra tries desperately to getout of the pit. Mili gets the sardaar unconscious, and as he lies on the floor, mili douses the two diyas with her magic, and walks off, in the presence of the Kali idol.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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