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Satrangi Sasural 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Rani’s crocodile’s tears dn’t effect vatsal ladies, so she showed her true face to them n says that they have to give money, she push dadi, which makes every1 angry, priyanka slaps her n they all try to throw her out, aaru called vihu but that ph was supposed to be with rani, she showed vihu’s ph n purse, which scare every1, she says that they have kidnapped vihu n has harmed him, n ask them to give the money n leaves, every1 was so scared n shocked.

Just at the moment vihu arrives, it gives great relief to everyone, he ask about the matter n than explain that some1 stole the ph from his car n now get to know that it was them, he want to go out n teach them a good lesson but the mothers force him to stay inside, they all were very scared.

Next scene, aaru goes to vihu n shares that she has got scared after that news, they both console each other n hugs.

Next scene, harpreet starts collecting money to give, their geeta also doing that, aaru came n ask them the mater n they lie, other side priyanka nnarmada doing it, aaru ask dadi to talk to every1 they all are very tensed.

There, mini called ronak n he arrives, dadi n aaru doubts something fishy, mimi was going to sell her jwellery for money, dadi heard it while she was sharing it with ronak.

Other side, rani n that man were happy that they are goingto get double amount n at the same time dadi called.

Written Update By Prince


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