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Satrangi Sasural 18th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Warehouse
Vibha smiles evilly, as granny touches her feet and apologises profusely and begs for mercy, on her family members and children. geeta and harpreet are apalled. they scream out what kind of evil and injustice Is that this. granny then gets to washing her ft, by vibha’s orders also to consume it, threatening her Along with the distant. the moms view helplessly, as vibha smiles evilly in glee. Granny is going to consume it, when vihaan rushes in only in time, to circumvent her from doing this, whilst vibha stares angrily. granny breaks down helplessly into tears. Geet and harpreet hurry to him, relieved. He glares at vibha angrily, who factors tha pistol at him, as he says that till He’s alive, he wont Permit an evil such as this transpire. he asks which kind of a girl she is, that she isnt pleased soon after owning killed so Many of us. the mothers are boggled. They are really outraged, to understand about arushi’s loved ones’s Loss of life. he eyes vibha angrily. He says that she has a challenge with him, and as a result she really should depart his youngsters, because they arent at fault, and begs for them to get remaining. She denies, screaming that he is lying, as she did a great deal of for him, and he betrayed her, and now she has comprehended that he wont be hers alive, hence she would like to try her hand at his death, saying that she would need to die. he frustratedly asks her to eliminate him then. the moms are apalled. She states that he would die, but not so easily, but tortured before the moms, who love him a great deal of. geeta states that they fully commited the biggest slip-up in their lives, by offering her shelter. She asks her to prevent, or else the earth shall cease assisting helpless women, and says that they wont Allow this happen. hne frustratedly states this shall happen, as he can perform everything for his kid, regardless of whether that will involve his Demise. Granny plus the moms eye helplessly, consistently insisting him not to do so, as he goes after which you can ties a rope about his neck, being a nook. he eyes his mothers and the youngsters helplessly. The mothers hurry to vibha and beg for mercy at her ft, to Enable vihaan go. She shoves them absent, and says that there’s a twist, that among the list of mothers needs to go and kick the stool from below vihaan’s toes, and asks which mother is considered the most helpless to do so. she asks them to make a decision and rush, as she shall only depend till 10, and then threatens them once more Along with the distant, as the kid will come as well as basket, proper above thr acid tank. He tells them to stick to what vibha asks them to complete. Vibha commences the countdown, whilst vihaan retains telling granny to get it done, as only she will make this happen. They can be distraught and go berserk, as they are compelled To accomplish this, by vihaan, who frustratedly begs them to do this, so as to help you save his baby.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
Narmada and mini are shocked and apalled, as arushi’s family’s dead bodies are brought in one by one. They wonder why this is happening to them, as they never wanted bad for anyone, even not for vibha. Mini says that the god shall definitely punish vibha and not let her be scot free. he would teach her a lesson.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road and warehouse

Arushi asks the car fellow to rush and hurry up. ultimately, the automobile comes, and arushi tends to make a mad sprint inside. as vibha counts to 1, and noone pulls the stool away, she states that she is helpless, and it is going to push the distant, when vihaan asks her to stop to get a second, as he shall himself kick the stool absent. The moms enjoy distraught and shocked, as he does it. he starts off gasping for breath, although it turns into unbearable to the mothers to observe. arushi rushes in just then, to present help to vihaan for the legs, making sure that he doesnt gag and suffocate to Demise. Vibha is shocked. Harpreet catches her off guard, after which you can throws a stone at her, and also the revolver is thrown away. enraged, vibha presses the distant, that provides the child dangerously close to the acid tank, whilst arushi and the moms, in conjunction with vihaan are aghast. Arushi lets go on the legs and rushes in the direction of the basket, though just then, nilima will come and picks the child within the basket, just before it falls in the acid tank. vibha is shocked and concerned far too now acquiring been cornered. vihaan is introduced down too from the moms. Arushi spots an iron rod in her fury, and approaches vibha, in her fury, who’s visibly fearful as she commences retreating to some corner. They all observe in anticipation, as arushi glares at her. Arushi retains up the iron rod stating that now its more than enough, as vibha called this upon herself, as she instigated the ire, of the daughter, a sister, a mother, a spouse and a lady, in her, and now she wont be spared, and tested her innumerable occasions. she suggests that she worn out her family, and made an effort to eliminate her husb and anc hildren, and disrespected her granny, and tried to wreck her satrangi sasural, but she should know that evil under no circumstances wins about The nice. vibha is worried to death. Enraged, arushi employs all her could possibly, and stabds the rod deep inside of vibha’s abdomen. she suggests that these days and right now, she shall do the justie thats needed to be meted out and its her finish these days. Vihaan watches with his family, relieved and emotionally overwhelmed as vibha gasps for breath as she collapses on the ground. She lastly dies, Substantially to their shock and horror. arushi throws it absent, then rushes back to her relatives, as its a tearful, reunion, emotionally confused and tear stricken. vihaan and arushi hug each other. vibha opens her eyes in her dizzy condition, and eyes them and after that finds the pistol held around her. Vibha receives up somehow, running her final breaths and Strength, and tells them that she had always instructed, that she would die by itself, and as a result she would acquire them also along with her, in her Loss of life. they are shocked and startled, to find out her holding a pistol targeted at them. She finally fires the pistol and all are stunned. The display freezes on arushi and vihaan’s faces.

Precap: A promo of The brand new storyline in Satrangi Sasural, whereby the altered timings are advised, from 21.09.2015, at 18:00 hrs from the evening. It displays regarding how the mothers shall undergo a makeover and the story shall be offered in a new manner, wherein they facial area new issues and troubles, with renewed and improved vigour and zeal, and can.

Written Update By Sahir


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