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Satrangi Sasural 17th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Arushi senses his breaths and drgas him out. Arushi does chest compressions, and mouth to mouth, and he finally revives back after much effort, relieving him happily. He asks about his children, and she is tensed. he swears that he wont leave vibha alive.

Scene 2:
Location: Kasturi’s residence

Out for just a wander, with the kid, granny, geeta and harpreet place vibha with the child inside their locality, who drives. they operate and scream right after her, but she doesnt hear. They’re stunned and apalled. they seek the services of an automobile and follow the automobile. Vibha stops the car and afterwards dials arushi, and after that asks if she thinks that she won by saving vihaan, after which asks her to go property, to determine what major value she needed to buy her get in conserving vihaan. arushi is scvared although vibha guffaws evilly. Arushi is tensed, although he asks her to talk concerning what transpired. Vibha enters the manufacturing unit and goes inside of. geeta and harpreet, coupled with granny as well achieve. harpreet dials vihaan’s range to allow them to know. Nonetheless it doesnt get through. They may be tensed but retain making an attempt while, but in vain. they marvel what to do. granny claims that they may have to hazard their lifestyle and get within at any Price.

Within the household, mili also doses off, coupled with kasturi, jhanvi and dadaji. vihaan and arushi get there and therefore are shocked to the many men and women lying unconscious, initial dadaji, then kasturi, then mili And eventually jhanvi. they are apalled and distraught. Arushi screams out much too. they eye the glass of milk in mili’s fingers. they see that she remains to be alive and begin to hurry her for the healthcare facility, just after looking at that everybody else is beyond reviving.

Scene 3:
Location: Medical center and warehouse
Arushi is distraught, when narmada keeps asking her to stay quiet and composed, as she cant eliminate hope, or else who shall assistance the kid. vihaan stands helpless and shocked. he then takes out his cellphone and moves apart. mini stands by arushi. he dials harpreet, who tells about vibha’s hideout, the place the opposite child is. he is shocked and asks, and she or he tells him the tackle. he asks her to remain place, while he reaches there. He’s stuffed with venomous rage. he thinks that arushi isnt within a issue to go, but she shall insist if she receives to understand, and hence decides to chorus from telling her, declaring that he shall carry back her little one safely and securely, as only her boy or girl can provide solace to her. he leaves. meanwhile, arushi notices that vihaan is absent and wonders in which he went. They can be boggled. She asks the nurse, who tells her that she noticed him going out. Arushi is shocked.

Granny goes inside of stealthily with others, since they hear vibha’s voice resonating, that she applauds them for being able to Dwell till this extended, immediately after her recurring makes an attempt to get rid of all of them, and welcomes them to this put. Granny tells that she wont spare her. just then, they eye a basket by way of a hig conclusion rope, containg a white sheet plus they presume that the kid is inside it. They are really distraught and apalled. Quickly, vibha seems from the balcony, having a pistol in her fingers. She tells them that if they want to see their granddaughter alive, they shouldnt hazard finding near her, as they’d only get their granddaughter’s useless entire body, Or perhaps not even that. They are really frightened because they retreat. she guffaws loudly. She taunts them as she descends down the stairs, and after that will come close to a tank of boiling sulphuric acid, previously mentioned which instantly hangs the basket made up of the child. They’re horrified. she presents them a demo by throwing her phone in it. Since they stand petrified, she asks if she must provide the demo yet again. she pulls the remote, and also the basket containg the kid lowers down, about the tank, just hardly escaping it. They scream and beg her to stop, and right after tormenting them, she puts it back again up once again. they helplessly cry since they keep on to witness her evil charade, of pulling the kid up and down. she laughs at them, whilst they view with tear stricken eyes. she once more warns them not to come back close or be sensible, as then she shall press the distant, and regardless of what transpires to the child after that, These are to get blamed. She asks if they imagined, they’d observe her on their own, but the reality is she preferred them to follow her. harpreet begs her not to do this, as they might give her everything she desires. She eyes the pistol at ghranny and says that she needs her. These are shocked and boggled. She claims that she needs granny at her ft, begging for mercy and apology, wash her ft and then pray to her, much like a goddess, and then consume the h2o she uses to scrub her feet. They may be horrified. Vibha asks granny to worship her just like a goddess and rapid, as she doesnt have time to squander. Geeta and harpreet say which they wont spare her. vibha scares them expressing that perhaps they dont really like their youngster, and so she shall push the remote. These are frightened and scream no. granny moves forward to vibha, whilst They’re distraught. As vibha sits around the pedestal, she places her legs out, along with a tub of h2o, for granny to clean her toes with. harpreet and geeta are distraught, because they stand helpless holding the son. Granny resignedly gets to cleaning vibha’s toes Using the drinking water, after which touching her feet begs for apology, and mercy on her family and her little ones. geeta and harpreet are unable to see this. the screen freezes on vibha’s evil confront.

Precap: A promo of the new storyline in Satrangi Sasural, whereby the adjusted timings are instructed, from 21.09.2015, at 18:00 several hours in the evening. It reveals as to how the moms shall undertake a makeover as well as the Tale shall be introduced in a fresh method, whereby they experience new problems and problems, with renewed and increased vigour and zeal, and may.

Written Update By Sahir


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