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Satrangi Sasural 17th October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Kyra’s office
The mothers hurriedly rush to salvage the burning sarees, while granny and harpreet stand shocked. geeta turns to harpreet and slaps her tight. All are shocked. geeta asks her not to create loss if she cant help them. harpreet says that its enough. they are about to get into a scuffle. Kyra gets in bteween and stops them. she asks whats wrong with them, as there is a huge problem, and they are fighting over petty matters and that she is ashamed that for their sake, vihaan is…..and then stops and goes in, remembering him not wanting to tell them. She rushes in while all are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Cycling Competition
After 17 hours, vihaan still continues driving. the employees are frustrated as to how much longer shall they have to watch this superman feat. They decide to dose off, as vihaan cant fool the microcameras to watch his every move. another says that still they cant sleep as if the boss gets to know, they wouldnt spare them. They are frustrated. He continues on and is about to dose off, when she splashes water on his face. he wakes up with a startle and asks whats he doing. she apologises for her reprimanding earlier and has understood and shall help him win the competition. he asks her to sit and better still, stay home, as she cant help him. she says that she shall anchor and keep him alive all night, and also brought coffee for him, and makes him take a sip, so that he doesnt feel drowsy. the people comment that she looks its his wife, as she is caring for him. She asks if he is feeling better. he says that he doesnt need her, and she says that she too doesnt need him. She tries to keep distracting him, with jokes and other anecdotes, circling around with him.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The next morning, harpreet comes and announces to everyone that kyra is missing since early morning. the children come and say that she went in the night only. they are boggled as to where she went. harpreet says that this proves that her character isnt good. Geeta says that vihaan too isnt home since night. harpreet says that he must be slogging hard, unlike her. The children ask where kyra went, and harpreet is speechless. geeta says that she can atleast take care of them, if not the mothers. Just then, Dolly comes and shows them vihaan’s pic in the newspaper. narmada starts reading, while harpreet and geeta continue to banter. narmada is shocked as she sees it, and others too when they see it.

Scene 4:
Location: Mamaji’s residence
mamaji too sees this and is filled with much relief, that now all would be concentrated on vihaan and hence noone would take care of the children and thats the best way for them to go absconding. he gets an evil idea.

Scene 5:
Location: Cycling Competition.
The subsequent early morning, By 23 hrs, she asks him not to give up as only one hour is still left, and he can do it. she rushes to have h2o for him. the organization officers are shocked once they see that vihaan still hasnt stopped, until early several hours of the early morning, and that there’s a real chance of him profitable. They believe that This can be the the perfect time to play their remaining strategy, In this particular previous 1 hour. The employees of kyra’s manager, throw pins and damaged glass shards in vihaan’s cycling ring, to thwart his tries at continuing, when He’s previously exhausted. Kyra sees this from a length and is stunned. She arrives and tells him and asks him to wake up, warning him concerning the threats. he somehow retains pushing on, although in fifty percent slumber, as she tries to toss absent as many shards and pins as she will be able to together with her feet, however the glass shards and pins, puncture his cycle. Then kyra’s leg falls on a glass shard and she sits down wincing in pain. he asks if she is alright. she asks him to carry on on rather than to stop, as he shall take care of. he finds it hard and hard to sustain harmony, but carries on. In the meantime, the mothers get there for the arena attempting to find vihaan. the employees take out chilli powder as a ultimate attempt. Then they splash crimson chilli powder in vihaan’s eyes which start off stinging, and he is unable to see everything. She involves him and asks if He’s okay. he tells this to kyra, who walks beside him, splashing drinking water over the eyes, to chase away the chilli powder, though he proceeds to cycle. they both of those are oblivious to your agony in kyra’s toes on account of a broken glass shard in her foot, thats bleeding. they keep taking place. the mothers far too get there, whilst bebo follows them, wondering she hadnt believed he would die this quickly and is particularly Fortunately amused. The moms inquire him to Permit be, even though They can be distraught and apalled. kyra keeps pushing him for his family and his young children’s sake. Vihaan remembers their pitiful plight and continues on. the officers are shocked. Kyra pushes him on declaring only 5 minutes are left and asks him to complete it, though bebeo as well as officers too check out in anticipation. she keeps executing the countdown to aid him inspire to finish this till the deadline. Then A different of his tyre punctures, and all are shocked and distraught how to proceed, as he starts dropping stability. she asks him to fail to remember the tyre Which he has to get it done, for his loved ones and youngsters, dependant on him. the mothers are distraught, even though the mothers way too cheer him in the ultimate couple of minutes. last but not least, vihaan falls from the bicycle, and lies flat on the bottom, with kyra beside him, as he is drained with exhaustion. all are shocked. the employees meanwhile are pleased that he misplaced, but are stunned after they Test some time and discover that its just past 7. kyra also sees this, and happily tells him, hugging him as he lies on the ground. bebo watches this and is particularly tensed. Vihaan smiles Moreover the exhaustion, as all his moms overwhelmingly smile and clap him on. the group cheers him way too. Kyra also cries in aid, and frustrating thoughts. she retains telling him that he wont, although he is almost semi-mindful. he states they won. A passionate eyelock follows, as she cups his facial area. the monitor freezes on his content facial area.

Precap: the boss tries to forcibly take advantage of kyra s*xually, while she screams for help. he leeringly says that he is helping, and asks that he can give her one night, in return for the loan that she got, just then, vihaan throws the 5000 on his face, as he walks in angrily. he then punches him tight in the face, while kyra is relieved. he says that this is the 5000 loan, and asks him to forever remember that this is his wife. kyra is emotionally distraught, while the boss is shocked to know this.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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