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Satrangi Sasural 16th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Warehouse and On the road

Arushi is shocked, as she turns all over to find a scorpion within the mattress on which her daughter lies. She musters the many force and bends the iron rails on the windows and would make method to go through. she hurriedly gets rid of the scorpion Using the swich of her hand, but then finds that its a mere toy to scare her. She then emotionally eyes her daughter, her eyes confused with tears.

Meanwhile, vihaan walks over the street, telling the inspector over the cell phone, that he would just attain. He then gets vibha’s call, who tells him that if he needs arushi and his child Harmless, he should really arrive by yourself into the put she asks him to rightaway, or else she would torture his faamily so undesirable, he cant stand to imagine. he agrees and asks exactly where he has to come. Sjhe tells him and asks him to come by itself. he agrees resignedly and cancels just as Arushi is going to pick her up, vibha hits on her head with an iron rod, and she or he starts off receiving dizzy and semi-unconscious as she collapses on the bottom, though vbha tells her that vihaan shall be lifeless before long. arushi is shocked, although vibha smiles evilly.

On the road, Vibha’s Adult men nab vihaan and conquer him up, and afterwards close him inside of a box. then they get to digging a grave for him to be buried alive. Meanwhile, in the cell torch, he finds scorpions crawling on his shirt. he phone calls up arushi, who dishevelled asks in which is he and when he is alright. he claims that he is during the grave, and they’ve buried him, with scorpions which have been crawling up. Arushi is shocked.

Scene two:
Place: Kasturi’s residence
All are tensed for arushi and vihaan’s health and fitness. Kasturi tells all of them that due to the accident, priyanka is inside the hospital, but mini assured that she’s from danger. Granny is anxious of these, even though kasturi asks them to acquire religion. She suggests that she shall get tea for all of these. Mili goes out and receives the milk. Vibha sees this, and thinks that this poisoned milk shall get rid of your entire relatives, and very last time, god saved them, but this time around, noone shall help you save them. she claims that together with the seven mothers, arushi’s family members shall be killed way too. She states that she wont spare any individual. mili goes in to provide the packets to jhanvi, who places them to boil. arushi’s son cries, though geeta will get tensed. granny states that she shall take him to get a walk exterior. Kasturi hollers to jhanvi When the tea is ready. she says that it’s, Which its using time as she can be boiling milk for the kids, consequently its using time. she helps make the tea Using the poisoned milk, and likewise prepares milk for the children. she calls mili, and then provides her the glass of milk for her, and the bottle for the kid. she requires the tea cups and after that goes out as well. She serves tea to kasturi and dadaji. Mili meanwhile presents the milk to the newborn. Dadaji and kasturi tensedly just take their teas, oblivious of the poison. All of them drink the tea as well as the milk. Mili is tensed to discover dadaji and kasturi collapse to the mattress. jhanvi as well will get dizzy and falls on the ground inside the kitchen area.

Scene 3:
Spot: Within the street
Arushi tells him within the phone, that she came where he explained to her to, but she cant see him. he starts off heading dizzy and claims that he wont be capable of continue to exist, and maybe their company was till right here and asks her to deal with the children. she saays that she would die in advance of him, and says that she hasnt lost faith, and assures that she shall locate him. She retains screaming his title, And eventually when he hears her, he musters all his energy and bravery to scream to ensure that he attracts her focus. he starts going unconscious, but will make every single achievable work. Arushi retains seeking all-around. She last but not least arrives on freshly dug soil, then attempts to listen to his voice on the decision. She thinks that maybe she observed him. She begins digging ferociously by using a stick, while he suffocates. But she doesnt find something and involves a dead close. She tries to speak to vihaan to the cellular phone, and screams at him to speak or say a little something. he is unconscious. Then she dials the police and her mom, but no selection goes by. She dials vihaan’s amount, and afterwards hears the caller tune, and traces it to another freshly dug patch, which is relieved that she identified him. she then finds a plough and commences digging another time. at last, she is ready to unearth the coffin, and rushedly lifts the lid to assist vihaan out, who lies unconscious within, along with his eyes rolled around. She attempts to come to feel his pulse, and is also stunned. The monitor freezes on arushi’s distraught experience.

Precap: A promo of the new storyline in Satrangi Sasural.

Written Update By Sahir


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