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Satrangi Sasural 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural watch online

Scene 1:
Location: Temple
kyra takes granny’s blessings, while she is overwhelmed that kyra came despite her ill health. Kyra says that she has recently done things that have upsetted her, and didnt want to further sadden her by not attending the puja that means so much to her, as she cant even deny her orders. granny asks her not to say so, as situations turn adverse sometimes, and that they cant be on top of the situation always. She tells kyra that there are somethings more valuable than life itself, when kyra says that her life is for her. vihaan arrives too and then apologises for his behaviour, while granny looks away, and begs to be forgiven, as he catches his ears. the mothers eye amusedly. Finally, she relents in, as he hugs her, and tries to get her emotional, while granny tries hard to stand stern. geeta calls them for puja. Vihaan asks her to forgive and she then gives in, and smiles. the mothers comment amusedly. Kyra again starts experiencing cramps. he strictly reprimands her that he didnt want her to go, then why she came to the puja. granny is tensed. granny says that its good kyra came as its very important for married couples, while thinking that its good that they are here, so that kyra can pass her second test, and assure her too that the child isnt the devil’s. dolly and pinky again start commenting while granny gets tensed hearing this, and asks kyra to bear the pain and finish the puja anyhow. later, kyra starts to do the rituals of the puja, along with the other ladies while dolly, pinky and granny keenly watch. kyra comes and finds that only one thread remains, and then finds vasundhara standing there, with an extra one, that she might need. they get to chatting animatedly yet again, while she asks the lady to come along so that she can meet her family. but vasundhara makes an excuse and leaves from there, citing that she has already finished her puja. meanwhile, granny wonders why has kyra not come out yet. She finds kyra speaking to someone, who she isnt able to see, and wonders if she is talking to herself. kyra finds vasundhara disappeared when talking to granny, and is boggled. granny again finds this suspicious. She asks kyra to come along and hurry with the puja. the priest asks them to take the seven circles around the banyan tree, for eternally being together. Kyra and vihaan get to tying the thread, saying that they shall together do it, but suddenly kyra starts feeling severe cramps. the mothers are tensed. granny is tensed. to their surprise, vihaan takes her in his arms. Granny and the other mothers observe while kyra is in vihaan’s arms, and they tie the sacred thread together around the old banyan tree. They are oblivious of a heavy branch coming off. they are aghast as it finally falls on vihaan’s back and he winces in pain, disbalancing himself. granny is set to wondering whether this means that her doubts and concerns were right. they rush to him, while he screams in pain. Granny finds her worst fears being confirmed.

Scene 2:
Location: vihaan’s residence
At home, arhaan and aru continue to break stuff, while mili reprimands them slightly and then makes them understand that she wont tell anyone and that they shouldnt go out alone. but they do so, and then mili reprimands them again and gets them inside.

Later, vihaan is brought home, while they all tensedly administer bandaging and first aid to his wound, incredibly tensed for him. the kids rush in, and kyra asks them not to be here, and play, as vihaan is hurt, and hence asks them to go out and play. he thinks that maasi wants them not to go, while kyra wants them to go. but seizing the chance, they rush out. they are all concerned as to how he got hurt, while narmada is boggled to find the branch falling out of the blue. he asks them not to overthink, as its nothing, and the tree had gotten old, so its natural. granny however is highly doubtful, and comments that nothing happens without reason, and continues to eye kyra, suspiciously. Kyra wonders why is granny staring at her like this, and asks whats going on. Granny asks if she is right. kyra responds that she is.

Outside, arhaan finds a bike and wants to sit on it, while aru is scared. but they decide that since they arent being watched, they can give it a try. they get atop the bike, and start fidgeting with the gears and breaks, and both fall on the floor, while his leg gets stuck underneath the bike. aru screams for kyra and masi. the children are brought inside by men, who rescue them. they are tensed and worried to find arhaan hurt. priyanka says that kyra had been warned not to leave the kids with mili, and that just because she has her own child, it doesnt mean that she can neglect them all. Narmada asks her not to talk so rude. she quietens. when he gets to know, vihaan reprimands them for their mischievous behaviour. he says that he wasnt on the bike, and the bike fell itself. granny thinks that vihaan and his son got hurt mysteriously, immediately after the puja. he asks arhaan to speak the truth. granny asks him not to scold them. narmada then asks whats the matter and calms the children down. kyra says that maybe he is lying to escape vihaan’s ire. Granny screams that this cant be a lie. Nilima wonders what explains it then. granny says that its kyra’s child. all are surprised. they all ask her to clarify. granny says that since the news, of her pregnancy has come into light, all things are wrong. he asks her to be clear. she says that if she is saying, there must be a reason, and asks him to trust. but he insists. She then says that this child is a Jinn. All are shocked, and aghast, while kyra is stunned into silence. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Granny says that she doubted, when nothing was visible in the sonography, and then other stuff happening, and hence for the betterment of the family, she wishes that kyra aborts this child. All are left stunned and shocked.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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