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Satrangi Sasural 13th November 2015 Written Update

Satrangi Sasural watch online

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra says that she just wants that she sees them all together as one family, before she leaves happily. He eyes her tensedly. She gives him the papers to sign, and then asking him to sign, she leaves. he remembers his moments with her, right from their first meeting, till their wedding.

Scene 2:
Location: Granny’s residence
While all the mothers are busy preparing and decorating the house for diwali, granny thinks that its due to kyra that the house is celebrating diwali after all these years and that they shall not be able to forget this ever. Kyra comes in drssed, and then comes to granny, who blesses her, while priyanka fumes. Kyra apologises to herself that she still hasnt told them all that she has signed the papers, and shall leave tonight, as she doesnt want them to have their diwali spoiled. Harpreet eyes her, and then asks why vihaan hasnt come till now, and where is he. kyra sees that its past nine, and thinks that he should be here before midnight, and gets tensed. She tells them he shall definitely come, and goes to get him. the mothers get back to their work.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra rushes in, but doesnt find vihaan anywhere and is boggled, as to where he went. then she suddenly notices the divorce papers kept on the table, and picks them up, and tjhinks that he signed them off, and left. She eyes them but is surprised when she finds that he hasnt signed yet. She surfs through all the papers, and wonders why he didnt sign. She then looks up and finds the clock ticking away time, and remembers the priest’s arning, and gets tensed. She says that he has to sign before midnight, and decides to find out about him, on phone, but finds it switched off. she is frustrated as to where he could be. she rushes out onto the street, where all are celebrating diwali, hoping that the priest’s warning doesnt come true, and why hasnt he signed them yet. she thinks that she knows she shouldnt believe them, but from what she has seen, she cant take the risk, and wonders where is he. she asks other people, and they show him sitting in an isolated corner, and asks him whats he doing here and where was he, as his mothers are waiting here and why hasnt he signed the divorce papers. she silences when she finds him tensed and sad. She calms down and asks him whats the matter, as he was the one who suggested that once her work is done, she would have to go, and he too had wanted that. she smiles and asks him to come along, as the mothers are waiting. She extends out her hand to him. he eyes her tensedly and then gievs his hand in hers, and then resignedly begins to walk up.

Scene 4:
Location: Granny’s residence
Later, the mothers comment that vihaan is adamant and once hs says something, he sticks to it. they are all tensed that he wont come, from what they know of him, and that their diwali shall be incomplete. Granny meanwhile thinks that it isnt just the matter of him not coming here on diwali, but there’s something else underlying too. She is boggled, amd decides to go herself and see. she walks out.

After sometime, vihaan enters with kyra, while all the mothers are overjoyed and overwhelmed with emotions. harpreet hugs him not having seen him for so long. Kyra smiles but then finds the clock ticking to 10, and gets tensed of the passing time. he has a happy reunion with all his mothers. he finds granny missing, and kyra thinks that she has to get the papers signed afore midnight.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny enters vihaan’s room, and then finds it empty and a bag packed. she is tensed and shocked, as to why is kyra’s bag packed like this. Then she finds the papers lying on the table. She wonders where is kyra going. the papers fly in the wind and land right on her feet. granny is surprised as she picks them up and sees the divorce papers in kyra’s bags, and is shocked, and goes into cardiac arrest. she lets out a scream calling out vihaan’s name, and then collapses on the floor, unconscious. her screams reach uptil vihaan and his mothers and they rush to the room. they come in to find her unconscious and are distraught.

Scene 6:
Location: Hospital
Granny is rushed to the hospital. the doctors try and revive granny, with elctroshocking the heart, but in vain. She finally flatlines. Outside, kyra and others are tensed, wehile she keeps consoling him that nothing shall happen to her, and asks him to stop crying, saying that they shall not let anything happen to her, while he breaks down completely. In his despair, he hugs her, while she composes him saying that he needs to pray and granny shall be alright. all the mothers are in bitter tears, while kyra asks them all to calm down. The doctor then comes out and apologises to vihaan and his family, saying that she is no more. They are all apalled and aghast. Kyra says that this cant be. Kyra rushes in, screaming and in shock, that she cant do this, as she has to get up, or she shall leave the house rigthaway. others arrive in too, while he too screams that she cant go. All the ladies are shocked to see her dead. she blabbers and rants out of grief, while all others are aghast and apalled. In their distraught state, kyra is unable to compose herself and collapses into vihaan’s arms, asking him to do something. He too hugs her back trying to compose herself, but himself in bitter tears. the doctor comes behind them. just then, she shows a pulse, and they are all shocked at the miracle, while she gains back her breath, in her unconscious state. The doctor asks them to leave, while they try to monitor her better. They all leave tensedly.

In the meantime, bebo finds that vihaan hasnt nevertheless signed the papers, and is particularly disappointed. she miracles whats kyra undertaking, just as if vihaan doesnt indication the papers, then she would get the prospect to stay back again a little bit more, and he or she wont Permit that come about. she can take out her cellphone. she calls kyra, warning her concerning the priets’s prophecy, as he hasnt signed the papers however. Kyra claims that granny isnt from Hazard nevertheless, and he or she cant concentrate on this at the moment. bebo asks her to concentrate on vihaan and never granny, as he contains a danger to existence, and if something comes about to him, his mothers shall be useless also. She claims that she shall appear rightaway Using the papers, to ensure that she could get his sign. kyra receives tensed remembering that, and silently complies that she shall attempt to speak with him. she appears at him, though He’s super tensed. the doctor will come and tells them that she’s from Threat but, but her issue remains really susceptible. Vihaan asks what does this necessarily mean. He claims that she has to be stressfree as quite possibly the most slight of items can boost her hypertension, and she will be able to go back into coma, and the 2nd time all-around, it would be deadly. the moms say they sdhall take care. They inquire if they can satisfy her. He states that he can only enable a person. narmada decides to go, however the health care provider suggests that she wished to meet a particular a single. harpreet assumes that it should be her. but They can be all stunned when he suggests that she really wants to fulfill kyra. Kyra herself is amazed. the display screen freezes on her tensed confront.

Precap: In front of bebo and the priest, kyra tears off the divorce papers, shocking them, and adding that savitri brought back the life of her husband after death, then why cant she, as with her, nothing shall happen to vihaan too. She says that she loves him immensely, while harpreet and narmada watch this from inside. bebo and the priest see them and kyra turns around and is surprised to see them.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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