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Satrangi Sasural 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Kaira requesting Daadi maa to punish her and not mothers as it is her mistake. Daadi says okay and goes into her room. Tai maa says Kaira did mistake by agreeing for punishment. Chachi maa says she is definitely maa and not imposter. Dolly comes singing and says there is 90% discount sari sales going on outside. They all go out and see saris being sold for 20 rs each and are shocked to see Daadi maa selling saris. Kaira comes and says Dadi maa she will not let this happen and shouts these saris are not for sale. All ladies leave angrily.

Lawyer comes to Kaira’s home and asks who is Dolly. Dolly who is present there says it is her. Lawyer says she lost case against builder and should vacate chawl by tomorrow. Kaira asks how can they evict her. Dolly says she did not know she would lose case. Lawyer leaves to clear the space by tomorrow or face dire consequences. Kaira tells Dolly even tenants have a right and they cannot be evicted without notice.

BBC (Bharath Bhushan Chautala who is a goon who works for builders evicts tentants from their houses) comes in a tempo with goons and sends goons to get the house evicted. Goons get inside home and get things out. Kaira stops them and asks them to get out. Goons say they are just obeying their boss. Kaira asks to call their Boss. They say boss is out. Kaira goes out and slips. Bharath holds her and gets mesmerized with her beauty. Kaira yells and shouts at her and asks to leave her. He leaves and she falls on floor. She warns him that she will go to police if he tries to enter home and goes back home. He goes and knocks door and is about to break it with a kick whe Kaira opens door and he falls on her feet. He shouts why did he come again. He asksto call men at home. She calls Tai maa, chachi maa, maa, maasi, bua maa, Dolly aunty. They all come and surround him and he runs from there with his assistant. They all laugh that he got afraid of Kaira. Kaira says she knows how to handle Delhi’s goons.

BBC imagines Kaira sitting in builder’s office. Assistant shakes him and asks what will he say builder now. Builder comes and scolds BBC for not doing his work properly, gives neary home key and asks to stay there and get all the houses evicted. BBC thinks how to tackle Kaira now.

Precap: Kaira standing outside home yells at BBC. Daadi comes and asks her to go home and opens neighbor’s door silently.

Written Update By H Hasan


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