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Sasural Simar Ka 9th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Maani says prepare to come back because you will get simar’s place soon. Maani says to bee don’t worry Simar I wont give you a lot of pain. You will suffer and little and then die. And if you think Mata ji and prerna will save you then don’t think. Wanna see what have I planned to kill you? She shows her a pipe. Water is leaking out of it. Maani places simar’s jar under it. Simar says prerna please save me. Water keeps dripping in Simar’s jar. Simar screams for help.
Mata ji is in temple with Prerna. Mataji says please God help us. You have to protect simar. Don’t let anything bad happen to her.
The jar is almost full. Anjali is playing with the ball. Her ball goesinside the store. Anjali and Sanju come in. Simar says please help your mom. They pick the ball. Sanju looks at the car. Anjali says we should help the bee it will die. Sanju says yes we have to save it. Sanju gives the ball to Anjali.
Sanju opens the jar. Maani is going towards store, she sees sid and stops. Maani says I will see that dead bee later. I should go after Sid.
Anjali takes the bee out. Simar says my daughters saved me. Thank God you sent them here to save me. anjali says lets go and tell mataji we saved this bee.

The girls come downstairs and tell mata ji everything. Mata ji says give me the bee. Mata ji and prerna smile. Prerna says you have done such a good thing girls. Anjali says mama always says help the one in need. Mata ji says yes go and play. Prerna asks are you okay simar? Simar says yes. i was so scared but my daughters came and saved me. Mataji says i knew God wont let anything unjust happen to you. This is the return of good education you have given to your daughters.
Simar says after two days in poonima night. Maani wants to be with sid anyway. Mata ji says we don’t even know what she is upto. Simar tells them maani was talking to fake simar. To get ghughat woman simar’s identity. Mata ji says we have to find about that chandan grant soon.

Maani says after arrow he doesn’t know anything but prerna. She comes in store and sees that jar is full of water but a bee is there. Maani says simar has died? Nothing can stop men now.
Maani is going out. Mata ji and Prerna follower her. Simar is with them too. Mataji says I think we will get all answers today. Maani is going towards a deserted place where chandan grant is.
Maani says is someone here? No one can’t be because no one knows my secret but I know everyone’s because I have chandan grant. She starts her mantra.
The book asks her what you wanna know? Maani says how can ghughat woman get simar’s identity. Grant says if Prem fills her hairline tomorrow night and makes her wear mangalsutra. She will have simar’s identity forever. Maani says now she will have simar’s identity and I will get all my powers back from sid.
Maani leaves mata ji and prerna go in. Simar says prerna baba said solution is in the problem. Simar tells them something.
Prerna says mata ji simar is saying like grant answers maani it can answer us too. Mata ji says how will we call it? We dont know mantra? Simar says I know all the mantras. They sit there. Simar reads the mantra.

Precap-Fake simar says once I have simar’s identity I won’t have to see simar’s picture again. Maani says make sure prem makes you wear magralsutra today and fills your hairline. Fake simar asks prem. He fills her hairline and makes her wear magalsutra.

Written Update by Atiba

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