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Sasural Simar Ka 9th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Patali says now I am leaving you simar, you will stab prem yourself now. Patali comes out of simar. prem is shocked. Simar comes towards prem. Mata ji knocks at the door, she says prem open the door. She takes out the keys and opens the gate.
Simar stabs prem. Mata ji hears his scream. Patali wsays great simar. Prem falls down. Patali comes in simar again. Simar stabs prem again but prem holds her hand.
Prem shoves her away. simar says i will kill you with so much pain, that it will give shivers to all bahardwajs. Mata ji sees in from the window and is taken aback. MAta ji says dont do this simar. I beg you. He is your husband. Simar says you came on right time. Today you will see what you remember all your life. You will see prem dying.
She makes prem stand and says you have to die prem. Prem says simar please, i am your hsuabnd. She says you are my heaven gone husband now. Maata ji breaks the door.

Simar throttles prem and hangs him in the air. Simar says you have to die today prem. Recall whoever you want to.Mata ji comes downstairs and says please stop simar God. Simar shoves prem away. Mata ji says please mata rani save prem. she can’t kill him. We can never undo it. I will lose faith in you if you dont stop her today. SImar stands on prem. he screams.

Mata ji takes the trishun. Simar is laughing. Prem screams with prem. He says i am your husband simar. Mata ji comes up stairs and breaks the door. Maata ji stops simar with trishun. SImar says you can’t stop me with this. and you cant kill me but i can kill you.

Simar shoves mata ji, the trishun falls from her hand. Simar is coming near prem. SHe throttles him. mata ji says please dont do this simar. The trishun is in air. Simar says he will enjoy your comapny in heaven. The trishun is pointing at mata ji. Simar takes the dagger and is about to kill prem.

Precap-Devika says to khushi I am not devika and she is not patali. Khushi says what are you saying. Devika says i am real patali devi. Khushi is dazed.

Written Update By Atiba


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