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Sasural Simar Ka 8th April 2016 Written Update

Thapki says you can’t give this gun to such small girl. Bihaan says I know what is right or wrong. Babu ji says please ask bihaan this is not right. Babu ji says practice starts with young age. Bell rings. Maa asks who is it? Thapki says I order inhaler for guddi, it was finishing. Thapki opens the door. Its the delivery man. Thapki says I am bringing the money.
Thapki sees bullets and says bihaaan first you gave her a gun and now placed there here. You can’t do anything properly. She gives money to delivery man.
Thapki notices that there are only 5 bullets. She says where is the sixth one?

Imlu is sitting,she recalls what chakor said. sruaj comes and says sitting here? Did you sister throw you out of house after what happened here?She says no I was just sitting. He says why couldn’t I see your wisdom. You are better than your sister who keeps talking about freedom. You got freedom but you kicked it. Do you know its return? You will have more income than any other servant and you will be the most respected person after people from haveli. You have decided right. If you had listened to that chakor what would have you got? She is dazed. He holds her hand and shows her the mark. He says this stamp, lets get it removed. Come.

Maa says dadi mata rani looks so clam. Dadi says yes she does.
Thapki says bihaan there are only 5 bullets here. Bihaan saysleave it and let her play. Thapki runs and says pinky.. Pinky says give me chocolates or I will shoot. She points it at dadi.Dadi says I don’t have chocolates. She asks maa and says if you say no I will shoot. Maa says you have to because I don’t have chocolates either. Thapki is looking for pinky. Bihaan says only five bullets?That means one is in pistol.
Pinky pretend a shot fire from her mouth. She points it at maa and says last bullet for you.

Vivan asks chakor why were you crying? You never cry? They hold hands from behind bars. Chakor says I know you are worried.Just one day you will be okay. He says you didn’t tell me why were you crying? She says I can’t believe what Imli did. I did everything for her. I want her happiness.He says you lost your race for imli. She didn’t even respect your sacrifice. She says how you know? Vivan says the house I live in,it couldn’t be kept there. he says why imli did this? Chakor says she loves suraj and would do anything for him. He says we never know when and with whom we fall in love. Chakor says you know a lot about it. Someone is coming. He says go from here chakor.

Aditi says divakar how dare you sit here? This is papa’s chair. He says shutup. I am the real owner of this house. Papa says what you mean? He says here are new papers of the house and I am the new owner. PApa says I have real papers of this house. Divakar says then show us.
He looks for them. Divakar says these are the real ones. Papa says where are real ones. He says calm down. Aditi says this is why you were pretending? Papa says we will go to police. Divakar laughs and says keeo fighting the case for years. These are not fake papers so how will you prove it?

Roli sees simar. She cries. Roli says didi.. Please wakeup I am scared. You said you will always hold my hand. Please do. I always listen to you. Everyone says you are really injured but you are strong I know. You have to open your eyes. If you don’t listen to me I will be mad. Roli falls on her.

Rest of the update in Udaan’s update.

Written Update by Atiba

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